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  1. Thanks for the tip, that fixed the wifi on my BPI-M1+ On other boards (various H3 based OPIs) armbian supports the wifi straight away, so I'm wondering why you don't include this change in the image? Anyway, congrats for your distribution, and for your support.
  2. bolet75


  3. Thanks Igor, I'll take the clean install path then, even if I had a slight hope for an easy migration trick. And I'll use the opportunity to upgrade the server to an Odroid-HC1. I read somewhere that you were running this forum on an Odroid-XU4. Both sharing the same hardware, I believe you'll take special care of maintaining armbian for that platform :-) I'll sure wait for the bugfixes, no emergency on my side… Cheers !
  4. Hi armbian team ! I've been running my Odroid C2 for almost 2 years with the only then available distro for my board : odrobian. As that distro is now left without maintainer, I'm turning to other distros and am glad to see my board supported by armbian (which I currently use on various Orange Pi boards). Is there a path to migrate my Odroid C2 installation from odrobian to armbian with minimum downtime ? (it's a server) Or should I consider installing everything from scratch on another board and copy my configuration there ? Thanks !