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  1. Another try usinf de DTS edit function inside 'armbian-config' same result: Ideas?
  2. OK, following with info found in the forum. Using info from this post above to create my own dtb file: and using info from this other post above, to change from 256MB (0x10000000) to 32MB (0x2000000) After create the new dtb I changed the path in uEnv.txt to point to new one. After reboot everythig looks the same. This is the output from armbianmonitor -U: Any idea about how I'm doing wrong?
  3. (Please moderator feel free to move this topic whatever you think that Hi, I'm running Rosetta@home in a TV box, MXQ4K with Amlogic 905x is a 2GB RAM unit. When I start boinc, sometime I have tasks and other times I have this message? boinc-client 25-Mar-2021 11:22:31 [Rosetta@home] Rosetta needs 1716.61 MB RAM but only 1654.12 MB is available for use. Is there anyway to shave 64GB of RAM? Is correct to have 1,7GB in a 2GB unit? Is this RAM dedicated to the GPU? In this case. How I can reduce the amount of dedicated RAM? I paste the armbianmonit
  4. I don't understand your question. But you can change the kernel using `armbian-config` tool and after that change repos from Bionic to Focal. With something like this (CAVEATS THAT IS NOT TESTED BY ME) : cp /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.backup sed -i 's|bionic|focal|g' /etc/apt/sources.list apt update && apt -y upgrade && apt -y dist-upgrade
  5. I updated from Debian Strech to Buster following the instruction from this post, also in a Banana Pi. I suppose you can move from 18.04 to 20.04 with caveats in the way. I perform an image backup from the microSD before doing anything.
  6. @SlackstickMaybe this old post from Linuxium can give you an idea about how proceed:
  7. I don't know what Android firmware my Sunvell R69 have. I use directly the GNU/Linux Armbian shared in this forum. But if you want an Android version suitable for your box the best option is go to
  8. No problem @balbes150 I'm not in a hurry. Is something nice to have and I don't have enough knowledge to do by myself. But if you deliver something I'll test as soon as possible. Thanks a million.
  9. And having RK3066 support is possible? I still use an old board with smelly 3.0 kernel? Thanks a million for all the work you do.
  10. Hey, @DevShanky if you are interested in a historic progression of sales you can check this Google Sheet. (I'm not the creator nor owner).
  11. Wi-Fi issues again My Rock Pi S show me two Wi-Fi devices but the board only have one, the built-in interface. Also the wireless connection is unpredictable sometimes shows SSH port sometimes not, sometimes I can find using the Avahi daemon sometimes not... I uploaded the testing from armbian-config tool I also added an image from "nmtui" Any ideas?
  12. Or maybe you can try this update image shared in this thread : I tested the image and worked.
  13. Hi @rna I try different microSD card vendors and finally found that someone can boot directly and others can't. If you can, try different microSD models. Finally after confirm everything is working I decided to install armbian to internal eMMC memory.
  14. Thanks @vlna tomorrow I give a try. And share my thoughts.
  15. Sorry @Virverus I see your AndroidTV stick and since I have a similar device I asked you if you did some tests with another device. Anyway I tried my device with RK3066 and it didn't work. I know it was crazy, but I didn't lose much by trying. Thanks.
  16. @Virverus Any chance of having this image running in a Ugoos UG2 with RK3066 ?
  17. Is it v 20.05.2 ? Yes. Re-download and tested. Results uploaded. Also no Wi-Fi.
  18. Downloaded and tested, but Focal 5.6 never boot. Etcher burned OK. Same microSD, same board, same power source, same Ethernet cable than Debian Buster. I'm going to download again to double check.
  19. Yes, but no Wi-Fi. I pass the test from: Any additional information?
  20. I can't help with 256MB issues I only have a 512MB unit. I see the banner so I downloaded the Debian Server image.
  21. Good news!!! Rock Pi S is now officially supported (I see today but I don't when started) And also with kernel 5.6
  22. Thanks @balbes150 with your hard work to prepare the images is enough for me. So no "original firmware" no way. If anyone have the "manual recipe" to install latest image on Amlogic board in the manual way I will glad to test the recipe. Thanks again.
  23. Hey, I'm trying to update and old install on eMMC with 3.40 kernel on and MXQ Pro+ with Amlogic 905X. I can boot from SD card with the last version shared here when I try to copy to eMMC with /root/install scripts. It looks that runs more or less OK but after when reboot from eMMC the old 3.40 legacy kernel is still here. What's wrong? What is the correct way to update the eMMC? Thanks in advance for the help. If some logs can help, let me know.
  24. Thanks @Werner I need to clean that. I have 21GB free in the /home unit, and the script warned when only have 9GB. I really love these pieces of junk, the Beelink X2 and the Sunvell R69, and armbian to give they a decent Linux live.
  25. Last question @Igor this 20GB or more are needed in / partitiion, or in the folder I choose to download Armbian Sript ? Thanks.