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    blindpet got a reaction from WarHawk_AVG in Firewall, to install on armbian   
    You will probably find it easier to use ufw which sets iptables for you, looks simpler than shorewall
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    blindpet got a reaction from Rui Ribeiro in armbian-config   
    The version in the repo (even jessie) is a year old. Build miniDLNA from source in case you get any problems with the old version.
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    blindpet got a reaction from Wolf2000 in Banana Pi OpenMediaVault 3.19.7   
    I posted a git issue for the Banana Pi image that the mainline kernel wasn't working with OpenMediaVault (at the time I think it was 3.19.3 or .4). It is now working with mainline 3.19.7 so all is resolved. Will release an openmediavault image when I find the time
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    blindpet reacted to Igor in Reprepare Image for Distribution   
    Script firstrun /etc/inid.d/firstrun
    To re-enable it:
     update-rc.d firstrun defaults
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    blindpet got a reaction from Igor in Reprepare Image for Distribution   
    lol of course, I remembered the configuration file looking different. Will build an image later today hopefully with modular PMP support and report back to you
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    blindpet reacted to Jacob Gadikian in Great move!   
    I just wanted to support you in your move from ROM to Distro.  Having up to date kernels, learning to make up to date kernels and absolutley great compile updates are what separate what you've been doing from other projects.  I know quite well that it's not easy doing your own funky tech thing, and wish to congratulate you on seeing it through!
    Best wishes,
    a fan of your work!