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  1. WarHawk_AVG

    OrangePI PC reboots during apt-upgrade

    Try limiting the max cpufreq down to max of 816MHz on all cores...my OPiPC was doing that as well..ran GREAT for a few days then just *hork* locked up After changing the /etc/default/cpufrequtils to max=816000 and set to interactive, no more problems, runs stable and still has enough horsepower to run a personal web based nexcloud server with no issues Biggest thing is heat, those H2+ and H3 chips run hot hot hot...need a beefy heatsink and even better active cooling as well to ensure heat doesn't cause the CPU to go squiffy
  2. On my OPiPC running my personal home nextcloud server , I have throttled the CPU to max of 816 on all cores, heatsink, and under heavy load it still gets hot but it takes alot longer, active cooling is the only way to keep the heat driven down.
  3. Perhaps the radio chip is getting too hot (too much reflected power) With it working then stopping, but an immediate reboot doesn't bring it back, but leave it off for a while (let it cool down) it works again... Are you using stock antenna?
  4. WarHawk_AVG

    Do Armbian fix OPi PC thermal issues??

    I throttle both the PC and the Zero down...it helps quite a bit with heat
  5. WarHawk_AVG

    Do Armbian fix OPi PC thermal issues??

    I throttle mine down to 816Mhz, it has been running Nextcloud fine for some time, you will need to have a decent heatsink and even better active cooling in order to keep the heat down.
  6. WarHawk_AVG

    Orange pi zero - Integrated wifi

    I used this method to get the wifi working well on the Orange Pi Lite...I believe that the wifi chip is the same https://www.instructables.com/id/The-OrangePi-Lite/ Don't know much about the mesh side of it though. Isn't there a special kernel needed for mesh networks?
  7. I don't understand why you shot down the pivpn.io option I have it on my Orange Pi Zero and it's running like a champ Simple easy install and easy to use .ovpn files it generates
  8. WarHawk_AVG

    Interface Orange Pi with Wireless mesh sensor

    I don't quite follow, the openHAB can be setup as a mesh network...then thru the openHAB Cloud connector sync with an off site cloud server...or you can host it yourself locally it's compatible with tons of devices...not only can it be used for "home automation" but it can also be used to collect data from devices...those devices are the mesh setup getting data back to the server...the server then talks to the cloud server Check out openHAB Z-Wave
  9. WarHawk_AVG

    How to unbrick the system?

    Actually the way I have fixed it is stick the card in a Linux machine...run gparted, select the partition, select scan/fix...let it finish, eject it...and every time it comes back up cleanly. Or run fsck # fsck -y /dev/sda1 (or partition on the SD card) https://www.maketecheasier.com/check-repair-filesystem-fsck-linux/ If it continues...it might be time to make a .img on the Linux machine...then get a better card...I too kept kerfuffling over armbian issues like this..with power failures and whatnot. turns out when I bought a decent A1 card (much faster than a class 10) the problems have gone away for the most part.
  10. WarHawk_AVG

    Interface Orange Pi with Wireless mesh sensor

    Possibly using a wifi to serial. Better yet, a NodeMCU module possibly? Just did some googling...it uses digimesh https://www.digi.com/products/digimesh Then just need to import the data provided by the modules and generate a webpage or other output https://iot.electronicsforu.com/expert-opinion/mesh-network-applications/2/ Other than that...not sure how it would be implemented maybe an open source home automation network software...this way it could display the outputs in graph forms or whatever you want it to... https://www.openhab.org/
  11. WarHawk_AVG

    Connecting OPI TTL with an Arduino

    Pretty much a straight thru serial monitor correct? You can use Arduino Nano as well. No need to buy a serial to USB uart...it's what arduino does Good howto...thanks! What is cool...with a cheapo ESP8266, you should be able to do the same thing..just use the 3.3vdc output to power the ESP8266 But it's a little more labor intensive... https://hackaday.io/project/5680-hardware-serial-port-monitor-with-wifi As with above you can load arduino core directly to the ESP8266, no need to have the arduino between the wifi module and the Orange Pi (as long as you have 3.3vdc [*warning 5vdc will burn out the ESP826!]) Same with this https://github.com/tzapu/WebSocketSerialMonitor Better video and explanation
  12. WarHawk_AVG

    [Suggestion for Devs] Use apt-fast for downloading packages

    Nice https://github.com/ilikenwf/apt-fast
  13. You want it to have a static IP on the ethernet port? https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_Getting-Started/#how-to-set-fixed-ip
  14. WarHawk_AVG

    How to bring another package to armbian?

    install checkinstall Should build a .deb package for you However following the proper procedures by the dev guys is probably the best bet
  15. WarHawk_AVG

    Difference between allwiner h2 and h3?

    Cool thanks..didn't know H3 kernels and whatnot could run on H2+....nice!