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  1. http://sprunge.us/cOfQ + exec Examining /dev/sda with GUID F37ED465-C3CE-4DAE-8400-AD98D4643CDE (accessible through S.M.A.R.T.) Disk not configured for monitoring. We were able to extract the following information: GUID: F37ED465-C3CE-4DAE-8400-AD98D4643CDE hddtemp: will work CRC attribute: 199 LCC Attribute: 193 If you want to monitor the disk please add to /etc/armbianmonitor/disks.conf: F37ED465-C3CE-4DAE-8400-AD98D4643CDE:WDC WD5000BMVW-11AJGS1:::199:193 Debug output has been collected at the following URL: http://sprunge.us/cOfQ Please post the URL in the Armbian forum where you've been asked for.
  2. Just got my orange pi one today! Thank you for your wonderful work, I will try to help in what I can! Tested and the reboot seems to work now
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