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    locchi93 reacted to cbm801 in Orange Pi One - adding USB, analog audio out, TV out, mic and IR receiver   
    Orange Pi One PCB is designed to easy add almost all removed features from Orange Pi PC. Currently only RAM expansion is unprofitable.
    To add 2 removed USB ports just solder wires to solder points as shown below on the photo:
    Data lines for USB #3: points 1,2
    Data lines for USB #2: points 3,4
    Power can be taken directly from GPIO header or DC socket. OPiOne has no separate voltage regulators for USB ports like previous boards used to have.
    This way I want to solder mini WiFi dongle (after removing the case and USB port) directly to the PCB.

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    locchi93 reacted to tkaiser in [WiP / Orange Pi One] Support for the upcoming Orange Pi One?   
    What do you really expect if you try to increase max. cpufreq from 1296 to 1536 MHz? 18% more $something?
    The important steps to get more 'real world' performance happen somewhere else. 'Work smarter not harder' applies not only to humans but also to the combination of hardware and software.
    If you really just buy numbers then it's up to you to fork our repo and tweak this overclocking/overvolting stuff in both kernel sources and fex settings. Everything's documented (check loboris github repo) and you're free to do any harm to your device if you want
    But please don't expect support from us. We're more interested in stability and ease of use than overclocking...