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  1. With linux-image-next-sunxi, linux-dtb-next-sunxi and linux-u-boot-bananapipro-next = 5.31: up time 39 days
  2. After over 20 days uptime without a freeze I got 2 freezes within 24hours. I never rolled back though, running > 20 days with linux-image-next-sunxi: 5.41 linux-dtb-next-sunxi: 5.41 linux-u-boot-bananapipro-next: 5.41 Rolled these 3 now back to 5.31 - let's see... should I downgrade the linux-headers also?
  3. Great, thanks. apt-cache policy shows version 5.35 and 5.31 for uboot and image. image 5.32 has no matching uboot. So I'll try 5.35 first and if it occurs again I'll try 5.31. But so far your help is really appreciated. I really like the armbian project and will use it on my raspberries and banana pi (without pro) soon also. Donation on the way
  4. Hi Igor, thanks for the reply. Does "was found in the latest update" means "it's a known issue, problem found" or "it could be the latest kernel update"? Sorry as obviously i'm not a native speaker.. And - never did this - how do i roll back a kernel? After that I'll freeze for some weeks.. TIA!
  5. I additionaly observed now with armbianmonitor -m that the cpu frequency seems to be fixed at 960mhz with just one lower value 528mhz, even if there is no heavy load (load = 0.15-0.3, %cpu avg. <10%, cpu temp ~33-34°C). So it looks like cpufrequtils are working, but why is the frequency that high..?
  6. Maybe I'll have a look at it, but I'm not sure if this would help at all. If it's an hardware issue (board, sd card, hdd, powering) this wouldn't change anything - also I don't believe it is, as it worked before, and I'll after the next freeze change hdd and sd card back to the "bananian system originals". And if it's an os issue it would stay there with armbian, sooner or later also OMV will use the 5.38 kernel I think (?). But before trying something completely else like OMV I'd like to try to get this freezing issue fixed... just need to know how to find out.. would
  7. yes I tried it once before setting up my own solution about a year ago. I did not really like it then It seemed slow and overloaded, and I prefer(ed) nextcloud over owncload. But both the old bananian and new armbian systems were/are working really fine, everything is ok - apart from the freezes...
  8. I think I got the same or similar issue with a banana pi pro. I used the board about a year with the latest bananian os without an issue, rock solid, uptimes up to 1 month (then planed shutdown for backup image of the sd card). 2.5" hdd attached through the SATA port. Now I migrated to the latest 5.38 debian with mainline kernel . Output of armbian-monitor -u here: Sporadic "freezes" - after just one hour runtime or (max for now) 14h. Symptoms: - no hdmi output after turning on monitor. - the green onboard led wa