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    Thanks  Everything worked out great!
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    We made this tool with the purpose to make kernel recompilation as easy as possible. In just about every other way you have many potential obstacles to overcome. All those Youtube guides are usually made for Intel world/perfect scenarios where things just work. ARM variety is big.
    You need some x86 desktop computer where you recompile the kernel in a virtual machine, transfer two .deb packages to your Tinkerboard via a network or via SD, install them with (dpkg -i package.deb) and reboot Tinkerboot into a new kernel. If you use our tools you have small chances to fail for anything else you need some experiences. It is possible to recompile kernel on your board, but ... you are on your own. Sources are accessible this way: 
    apt install linux-source-4.14.14-next-rockchip Since you don't want that upgrades overwrite your own made kernel you need to freeze kernel updates (armbian-config) or send your changes upstream and they might be included in the kernel by default.
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    I don't have information how is the situation with CAN-bus with this kernel/Tinkerboard, so only some theoretical tips: in case you need to add a function, that exists but is not enabled, this would be a good and simple start: 
    Sometimes enabling a feature is good to go, sometimes you need to add a function with a code/patch. In both cases, you need to recompile the kernel (sometimes module only also work) from sources.