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  1. Thanks once again, I will research there. Have a great weekend and happy cooking new releases
  2. The box itself is a weird no-name, but Antutu etc checked all specs as fine
  3. Look on the Yandex share in the first post, familiarize yourself with the structure in there and also the instructions in the first post. You need to download both the xz file that you need, plus the TX6 uboot, I used the one from July. I used balenaEtcher to write the xz to the sdcard, then again balenaEtcher just for the uboot (since it places it in the boot area of the card). Then it booted on my Allwinner H6 box. Without writing the uboot on the card, it didn't work. The instructions do not emphasize this too much and I expected that I place uboot as a file in the boot folder (as for Amlo
  4. Your Tanix TX6 uboot worked with my weird "H10 play" H6 box, even installed and booted from eMMC. However, only 3 out of 4 GBytes of RAM are detected. I've added the "mem=4096M" parameter for kernel, does not seem to help. Is it a kernel or an u-boot problem? Are these u-boot files updated somewhere so I can check for a newer one? Thanks!
  5. Bad bump, this is a dedicated Armbian forum and not a general Linux support. Google is your friend, trust your feelings and fare well
  6. Thanks! Plot twist: I flashed the 1109 version and now it automagically boots past that point. balbes150 has definitely done some magic that now works Only 3 gigs of RAM out of 4 are detected, but will fiddle with the kernel parameters.
  7. Interesting, the mmcblk devices are being detected, so there should be no reason for linux not to boot up Is there a parameter I can pass in extlinux.conf to make the bootup scripts more verbose?
  8. Is btrfs needed in your release? If no, could you please remove it from initramfs? I have a nasty issue, the system hangs on boot on "Scanning for Btrfs filesystems" and just dies there.
  9. Tried again to boot. Upon startup with reset button pressed, the status LED stays red and the device does not boot at all. Later edit: followed some guides on YT and burned again the u-boot to SD with balena etcher. Now it boots but stops at "Scanning for Btrfs filesystem". To dig further...
  10. Thanks mate for helping here, I will try so. I will read the instructions again and do it by the numbers. Is eMMC boot also stable, or will I brick it if I write armbian there? I always aim for eMMC since read/write speeds are way faster than SD.
  11. Did anyone manage to boot Armbian on H10 Play (Allwinner H6) box? I tried via USB and SD-Card with reset button pressed and it doesn't work...
  12. OK, one last question then: which platform are your releases supporting better for native hardware H.264 and H.265 decoding / media playback: Allwinner H6 or RK3328? Which one would you recommend for a great mediacenter running your releases? Thanks once again.
  13. I read this "with buying a new one" And this is not a bad idea. I am looking for a platform/box supporting the following: hardware-based AES-NI, eMMC boot, full memory detection, reasonable price, supported by your Armbian, for a Linux router with VPN. Gigabit Ethernet would be a plus. What would you recommend, please? So far I read that AES-NI is implemented in S905x, Allwinner H3, H5 and H6. Not sure about others, but looking forward to your advice.
  14. Tried this on a S905 2G/8G (Mini M8S) box. Boots fine from Micro-SD, although only 1G of memory is now detected. I've used the S905 u-boot. Upon writing it on emmc with the provided script for s905, the system does not boot at all. However, the toothpick method works for booting back from SD. 1 month ago, when booting from SD, 2 gigs were detected fine when booting from SD only, also the emmc boot was working. but only 800MB of RAM were detected when booting from it. Can you please tell me where to start looking at? Thanks.