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  1. hdparm -t /dev/sda *** Sandisk 1TB ssd plugged into usb3 : 600MB in 3.01 sec 199.38 MB/sec Hi i have done a lot of work trying to figure out why samba is very slow. I have a 1TBssd connected to a USB3 port on an RK3119 running Armbian 22.02.0-trunk with bleeding edge Linux 5.15.18-rockchip64. Here are some statistics: hdparm -t /dev/sda *** Sandisk 1TB ssd plugged into usb3 : 600MB in 3.01 sec 199.38 MB/sec Yet the MXIMUM speed i get when copying a folder from Windows 10 to the samba share is 9 MB/sec? here is my smb.conf: Anyone who could shed a light on this issue? Thanks
  2. hello Ning.. Can you point to a detailed step by step instructions? I am running (bullseye) with Linux 5.9.0-arm-64 on a Amlogic s905x (1G+8G T95x) from the sd card and want to run it from the emmc. I dont care about the vendor android OS that came on the box Thank you!
  3. I have a T95 Minimx+ (Amlogic s905x) with 1 GB ram and 8GB flash I followed balbes150 posts and downloaded Armbian_20.10_Arm-64_buster_current_5.9.0.img burnt it to flash and renamed u-boot-s905x-s912 to u-boot.ext. I also edited extlinux.conf I nserted the sd card into the TV box, and it booted but stopped at 'Starting Kernel' I have attached the extlinux.conf file and a screenshot of the booting sequence. Any help would be appreciatwed as I have 10 of these boxes that i need to instal Armbian on. Thank you very much extlinux.conf extlinux.conf-menu
  4. when running armbian-config, under system choosing led conf 3 breaks the system and here is a screenshot. Dont choose this option If anyone knows how to recover from this situation, then please reply Thanks
  5. A strange behaviour just happened. Using armbian-config, I toggled led option 1, saved and tried to reboot and all I get is a series of lines trying to run a script?? now the system does not boot anymore and I totally lost the installation which has taken days. Is there anyway to rescue it ??
  6. unable to download ANY of the upgrade files using the link in @jock in post #1 is there an updated link?
  7. Applying the ‘update’ still breaks the system. Is there a way to use the new image WITHOUT loosing all the functions and applications that have been installed? thanks
  8. Any new updates about upgrading? I am currentlty running Linux 5.14.14-rockchip64 and am afraid to do the upgrad. Please advise as to where to find any new updates. Thanks
  9. also, this one linux-dtb-edge-rockchip64 needs the same treatment...
  10. Could you have meant sudo apt-mark hold u-boot-rockchip intead of ... linux-u-boot-current-rk3318-box ? Thanks again!
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