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    kissste reacted to hexdump in Pine H64 model A - emmc boot stuck - sunxi-mmc 4022000.mmc: data error, sending stop command   
    @kissste - there is a good chance, that this patch will fix your problem too - for me it fixed the emmc problems - see
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    kissste reacted to Igor in H6 boards: Orange Pi One Plus, Orange Pi 3 Plus and Pine H64   
    Development versions without active DVFS are usually clocked lower so performance wise we are not there yet. Reboot/power off troubles ... noticed.

    Yes, ack-ed. I am waiting for another big chunk of free time to dive back in and try to fix this. I also hope that someone else will join and try to move it forward.  

    Support is enabled in configuration but it looks like implementation on this board needs few adjustments ... Thanks for trying out.