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  1. @guidol thank you for your reply. You have one of the first versions.In the past I ran many images meant for this board and they booted fine from sd , so it beats me why balbes150 images won't run on my device but do run on yours! I'm certain the first test image from Balbes boots ,because their are files written on sd , but thier is no hdmi output .Now I want to try to connect via a direct cable connection between two machines ,either with an ethernet cable or a usb cable .
  2. I wait minutes ,sometimes even 10 minutes (not always off course ). I was just going to flash a usb stick . I will give it a try I haven't checked the system logs (I was just happy I finally had some decent results!) I'll check Believe it or not , I don't have a router . I only have mobile internet and use my phone as hotspot. I have never done anything with networks in my life , and started last week experimenting with directly connecting 2 devices (partly succesfull ) , mainly because off this project , so don't expect any solid and sound comment from me yet on
  3. @guidol Hi , I noticed your succes with Armbian booting on Radxa , so I'm wondering , what Radxa hardware exactly do you have and what image of Debian in Nand (Rabian ??)
  4. Hi , results for kernel 5: linux-rk3188-5.6.6-lubuntu only u-boot replaced by radxa u-boot :linux566bootradxa.txt linux1-rk3188-5.6.6-lubuntu only u-boot replaced by radxa u-boot:linux1_566bootradxa.txt None of the kernel 5 combinations ever worked for me , therefore I was very surprised they worked for Guidol . Off course my device is not completely compatible with radxa rock ,but all radxa rock images in the past booted fine by me. Not the images for rock lite or rock pro , these don't boot!
  5. Yes ,the radxa img's u-boot:u-boot.img parametr :parametr.img
  6. Amazing result , so I tried this image again but no boot for me . results with the linux1 img: unmodified:linux1566unmodified.txt modified with linuxium boot same as unmodified modified with linuxium boot and parametr:linux1566bootparalinuxium.txt modified with linuxium boot ,para and kernel :linux1566bootparakernlinuxium.txt
  7. Hi , first results . Yesterday with all these weird results I decided to erase nand again , so these tests were done with android removed from nand ( and power and uart disconnected between tests ) First the radxa image radxa_rock_lubuntu_desktop_140626_sdcard.img radxa unmodified :unmodifiedradxa.txt radxa modified with linaro-rk3188-3.0.36 : u-boot only :radxabootlin3036.txt,u-boot + parametr :radxabootparalina.txt u-boot+para+kernel :radxabootparakernlina.txt Next the other way ar
  8. Yeah , I allready suspected the UART connection and I'm now disconnecting everything between tests , nice to see this confirmed!
  9. Hi , sorry for the delay ,but it took me more time then expected due to strange behaviour of my equipment. When I double checked , some results didn't make sense .I booted radxa lubuntu and couldn't get into the desktop anymore , nand android worked ok and I downloaded radxa lubuntu again but still no desktop.The weird thing is linuxium from sd and android worked fine .So in the end I disconnected my android device and waited a long time > 10 minutes and then radxa booted ok again! Did something persist in memory for a while ? Anyhow I'm checking the results agai
  10. Hi , if I apply this operation on the radxa img file ,the result is a very small file , so do you mean I must apply this operation to an sdcard with the img
  11. I have an appointment an must leave now , probably tonight I can do this
  12. @balbes150 I burned this image linux-rk3188-3.0.36-lubuntu on the same sd-card and no luck uart3188lubuntu3036.txt
  13. @balbes150 Hi , I restored firmware in nand ,then i flashed , and then I booted from sd-card into desktop radxalubuntuuart.txt