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  1. I copied the system from http://www.armbian.com/orange-pi-pcto a 8GB SD and installed it in OrangePi PC, which works OK withe some other distros. - No connection with SSH - No visual (The card HDMI might be broken. No visual with Raspbian either) - The LED lights up abt. 10sec after power-on on the board as well as the LEDs by RJ45 connector Tested with bot Jessie and Trusty. I inserted the Trusty card to my Linux Mint 17.3 laptop and edited /etc/network/interface.default. There is only local, no eth0. I wrote static address mantra there and tested, but no go. Fdisk told there is only one partition on the card starting from 2048. - Checked with ping and "nmap --ttl 1 -sP" in my laptop, but no OrangePi board in my home LAN, only my servers, printers etc Got to try with dynamic IP. Too tired to continue now. Next try abt. 18h from now.
  2. Your net page still. You have "Are You a Human PlayThru" on your pages. It does not work in Firefox 42.0 in Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon. Now I can not copy the message, when I have signed in.
  3. My reason to minimal packets is just space. When we build device which must run for years, we take as large and good quality SD card as possible and minimise writings to SD. Still we have had some cases, where the card has worn out. Linux GUI doesn't need much space, but still... I read some of your discussions and found that you have made a lot of work with the temperatures, which normal user does not know what to do and buys larger cooler. Your second note sounds good. So if possible, it would be nice, if there were various kinds of 'rest of packet', lab-minimal, server, KDE, Gnome... It is easy to add packets with dpkg, apt-get or whatever. The most important thing (for us) are the drivers for GPIO and most common devices.
  4. TNX ! I'm not a specialist on your level / branch, even though I have used Linux from the very beginning and built many kinds of lab systems. I have learned to leave defaults stay as long as possible. Minimal packets are important, when you build networked lab systems, which have minimal displays or keyboards or not at all.
  5. Great page, great work ! It would be nice if there were a note, wether a downloadable packet contains GUI. Better still, if there were a list (dpkg -l) of installed packets. I'm looking for a minimal packet like minibian for RasPi for OrangePi PC.