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  1. I am running Linux 5.9.14-mvebu for over 14 days now (up 14 days, 20:12) without any problem. Thank you very much to all involved tracking down and fixing the issue.
  2. I just ran apt-get update && apt-get upgrade and did not see a kernel update. Is this expected, if yes is there any ETA if I do not want to build the kernel myself?
  3. Sounds great, thanks in advance, I am looking forward to having a stable Helios4 again.
  4. How does it work or better when will it be possible to run apt-get upgrade to update to a 5.18.* kernel without the problematic DFS patches?
  5. @gprovostThanks for the hint. You are right, the Helios4 one does 12V/8A and the Synology one only 12V/6A. I will switch them back, @MangixYou were also right, raid check finished successfully running kernel 4.19.63-mvebu #5.91 (with over 36 hours of uptime at the moment) I saw in the other thread the system freeze is related to the DFS patches, therefor this thread can be closed now. Thanks to everybody for your input and help with this problem.
  6. System froze again during raid check. I was using kernel 5.8.18-mvebu and the PSU from my Synology NAS. I just prepared a SD card with the Armbian_5.91_Helios4_Debian_buster_next_4.19.63.img image As suggested by @Mangix this kernel might also be stable in my case.
  7. @gprovost As I also have a Synology DS214+, I just switched the PSUs, both are up and running. The Helios4 is running raid check again, let us see what will happen @Mangix If changing the PSU does not have the desired effect, I will try kernel 4.19.63 You can still find the image here
  8. Since the beginning, it is still the original PSU I got with the Helios4 in February 2018.
  9. Short update running 5.4.66-mvebu now, resulted in a system freeze in just a couple of minutes running raid check. I am officially out of ideas. The Helios4 was running fine for many years when I got it after the successful Kickstarter campaign. I can not really pin point when it started freezing (I think it started after October of 2019). I am also not sure if it is a hardware or a software problem.
  10. @gprovostThanks. Having a watchdog will restart the system in case it freezes, like it does for @Mangixand @fri.K I would be more interested in helping to fix the underlying problem. How can I help?
  11. @gprovost Not sure if this is expected or not, but since you asked before, this is running Armbian_20.08.13_Helios4_buster_current_5.8.16.img.xz without any changes. root@helios4:~# systemctl status watchdog.service Unit watchdog.service could not be found.
  12. It froze again during raid check I will try kernel 5.4.66-mvebu, like suggested by @fri.K After that I am really out of ideas
  13. Bought a new micro SD card and put on it. Booted, set up the root password and directly started a raid check (9.4% done so far). I am very excited to see what happens.
  14. I guess in your cases the system also freezes and the watchdog service is rebooting the system then. I am going to setup the system from scratch using tomorrow.
  15. I would see freeze, as the system is not usable anymore (not reachable via network nor serial). The logs also do not indicate a reboot. If it would be a reboot I would expect the system to be in an usable state afterwards.
  16. Hi Forgot to give an update. The system froze during raid check at 54.3% . The temperature was always between 54-57°C. @gprovost Any ideas what might be wrong? Regards -kratz00
  17. Hi gprovost Exactly. Not reachable over the network. Does not respond via serial console. Seems it is missing: kratz00@helios4:~$ systemctl status watchdog.service Unit watchdog.service could not be found. Raid check is nearly running for an hour, load is high and the temperature is stable around 55°C: root@helios4:~# uptime 06:53:44 up 21 min, 1 user, load average: 2.00, 1.92, 1.27 root@helios4:~# cat /dev/thermal-cpu/temp1_input 55122 Regards -kratz00
  18. Hello For quite some time I experienced system freezes. I already measured the voltage on the board 12V and 5V are okay on both connectors. Attached you will find the armbianmonitor -U output. I tried to capture kernel logs using information from some other thread. sudo dmesg -n 7 sudo dmesg -w But I could not capture anything useful. Today the system froze while checking the raid (filesystem was not mounted). [ 168.224361] md: data-check of RAID array md0 Is there anything else I can do to shed some light? Thanks and regards -kratz00 armbianmonitor.log
  19. In my case it would be a downgrade from linux-4.14.20-mvebu to linux-4.14.18-mvebu. I am not forcing or switching anything, I was just running 'sudo apt-get upgrade'. I do not know the inner workings of apt, but to me it is strange why it tries to install a package with the same exact version (5.41) again. What is also a little confusing is that there are different armbian version for the Helios4.
  20. Looks like the release on the kobol wiki ( was built against the armbian development version (!? The official armbian kernel for the Helios4 seems to be 5.41 seems to be the armbian version number, does this mean a newer kernel can only be released if the armbian version gets bumped?
  21. I have an odd situation which I can not explain. I installed the Debian 9 image (7/02/2018). I am now running Linux 4.14.20 as expected. After running apt-get update I see an update for the linux-image-next-mvebu package with the same package version (5.41) which would install Linux 4.14.18. Can somebody please explain what is going on? apt-cache show linux-image-next-mvebu Package: linux-image-next-mvebu Priority: optional Section: kernel Installed-Size: 34496 Maintainer: Igor Pecovnik <igor.pecovnik@****> Architecture: armhf Source: linux-4.14.18-mvebu Version: 5.41 Filename: pool/main/l/linux-4.14.18-mvebu/linux-image-next-mvebu_5.41_armhf.deb Size: 13659400 MD5sum: 1df84709f1c0fd9a7ca1c49233de5732 SHA1: baeca37e804415833fcbad31c94f8aa3111f87b5 SHA256: abe795285fe66e6d1aec7cdc4cf7f37e9ab8f13f7bc5a3b560f2ca0f401b5f41 SHA512: f6cd83c98f5ed5da26766f1d613873b50b709772a0184e34f76a181bbe9fc6870b704c1a88d745ad25f265af16d1fcd9fedff780a95c1231ec7e3f708c3dfab4 Description: Linux kernel, version 4.14.18-mvebu This package contains the Linux kernel, modules and corresponding other files, version: 4.14.18-mvebu. Description-md5: 881a2bf41fdf3457001594d1ab3a7d0c Homepage: Package: linux-image-next-mvebu Status: install ok installed Priority: optional Section: kernel Installed-Size: 34499 Maintainer: Igor Pecovnik <igor.pecovnik@****> Architecture: armhf Source: linux-4.14.20-mvebu Version: 5.41 Description: Linux kernel, version 4.14.20-mvebu This package contains the Linux kernel, modules and corresponding other files, version: 4.14.20-mvebu. Description-md5: 1e04fc0ef8ae54ea7cd36a95440d0417 Homepage: