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    renky got a reaction from Jack953 in free software supported wifi card phone usable ESP8089 ESP8266 ESP32?   
    Free software is software you may use, share, modify and redistribute.
    Replicant has decided to investigate if they can port a replicant version to the phone. Replicant has said, they know
    of no phone better about free software. All modems on the market require non free software. Same about
    the modem in the pinephone.
    A downside of the pinephone is the wifi card, 8723cs, because it requires non free firmware software. On
    pinephone's irc I was told, they went for the 8723cs because pinephone could find no viable free software supported sdio wifi
    Is it the case, there is no free software supported sdio wifi card for sale?
    On pinephone's irc the ESP8089, ESP8266, ESP32 chips were mentioned. Are they computers like
    the ardinos? If they are, I expect they are not usable in a phone, because of power consumption.
    The chips were mentioned because it should not be inherently impossible to write free
    software drivers and firmware for them. Do you know about forums for such matters? Thanks.
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