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  1. They appear to be comparable to orange pi computers. They do provide up to 2gb ram and support emmc. Do you have comments about the computers or testet one of them? Thank you.
  2. It says Is it a free software cf free software foundation debian system armbian makes use of? Then parts of non free software gets added before compilation? Maybe the only pieces of non free software which gets added are iozone3 armbian-firmware?
  3. orange pi one xenial stretch armbian-config desktop On xenial playing mp4 and mp3 files on mpv media player does not stutter. Also not on vlc. On stretch mp4 and mp3 files stutter on mpv media player and vlc player. Is that a general error? Thank you.
  4. Thank you. I understood the stretch version has no graphic user interface when you start the computer, but it has?
  5. Armbian Stretch Is there an instruction on getting a graphical user interface on the orange pi one? Thanks.
  6. On Armbian Xenial I ran sudo apt purge iozone3 armbian-firmware After restarting I opened several programs. I cannot say the computer was slower. If above command removes all non free software cf. free software foundation then the computer runs good on free software.
  7. Assuming it will take redesigning of the mainboard, the modifications are not technically impossible, not exponentially more expensive.
  8. In general I want to know, how many arm mainboards is it required to order and the manufacturer starts negotiating about specifications you want to get modified? I do not say at the same price. If I tell the manufacturer of the orange pi one, I want the arm mainboard but it must have 4gb ram and usb mini b connectors at what volume number does the manufacturer start listening? 50000 mainboards? Thank you.
  9. I take interest in if a piece of software is free software cf free software foundation. You say: What I want to know is, the piece of armbian kernel software which enables rk3288 to display 1080p video, is it free software?
  10. The kernel software is free software?
  11. The rock64 and rockpro64 can have 4gb ram. Arm mainboards which have 4gb ram I would expect to be able to display youtube videos.
  12. I have tested the orange pi one xenial. When I say test it is not benchmark tests. I do not know what the numbers say anyway. I open several common programs and watch what htop says. If I run an mp4 file on a media player, libre office and file manager it runs well and htop says about 300mb. It is a 10usd computer and I do not expect it to equal a x86 desktop. If I open firefox, firefox crashes before starting. Because of not enough ram? If I open chromium or midori ram usage goes to 100%. Cpu does not. You cannot really browse sites very well. Youtube videos is the same. Is it becuase 512mb ram is not enough? On my gnulinux x86 notebook firefox commonly uses several hundred mb. Is there a browser I can install which will make it possible to play a youtube video? Thank you.
  13. orange pi one synaptic package manager I installed the synaptic package manager on Armbian Xenial. If I input something to search for one core goes 100%. The search is so slow I have not let it finish it. Is it a bug? My raspberry pi 0 is able to do a search fast. Thank you.
  14. orange pi one armbian xenial When I obtained the orange pi one I installed armbian xenial. I booted the orange pi one. During boot I cannot recall if a red light flashed next to a steady green flash. The desktop worked. The orange pi one was connected to a hdmi display. Resolution 1280 x 720. I wanted to use a 1024 x 768 vga display by hdmi vga converter. The desktop would keep the 1280 x 720 resolution when displaying the desktop. I tried different things in order to get a 1024 x768 resolution. Did not work. One configuration resulted in trashing the power supply. I connected another power supply. The power supply got hot. Desktop did not start. I do not know if the orange pi one got damaged. I then reinstalled armbian xenial on the sd card. Started the orange pi one. Desktop worked. Booting a red light flashed next to a steady green light. Starting the orange pi one again and there is a green steady light. At first booting a red light is supposed to flash? Thank you.
  15. renky

    rk3288 or rk3328 which is fastest?

    On you can buy a 7 inch display notebook. There is also a 10 inch display version. I am trying to determine which mainboard I would have the notebook to have. If main priorities are free software cf free software foundation's requirements and performance adequate for common debian utilization. To me it is at the same time having a running browser. 5 open tabs. One showing a youtube video. File manager running. Email client running. Running libre office or a media player or photo editor. It seems rk cpus are the ones to select among. If choosing between the rk3288 and rk3328 the rk3328 is the better choice? Can you answer if the free vpu software will work on the rock64 rk3328? the best choice for a notebook?