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  1. orange pi one armbian buster purged non free software I installed flashrom. In sudo armbian-config -> system settings -> toogle hardware I marked spi-spidev. Saved. Restarted computer. /dev/spi* displays nothing. How can I enable spi in armbian? Thank you.
  2. I could not find a picture numbering the pins on an orange pi one. Up right pin by the arrow is pin1, pin below pin1 is pin2 and pin left to pin1 is pin3. I want to use an orange pi one to install libreboot on a thinkpad t400's flashchip. Which of the following pins on the beaglebone black's p9 corresponds to which pins on the orange pi one? beaglebone black pin 17 -> ? 18 -> ? 21 -> ? 22 -> ? gnd -> ? 3.3v -> ? How much ampere can the 3.3v pin on the orange pi one provide? The orange pi one's psu is 5v and 4a. Thank you.
  3. Which is fastest and how much faster? The h3 or a64? Thank you.
  4. It says, that adding an usb ar9271 wifi card to a pinephone is not feasible because the wifi card uses to much power. How much power is acceptable for an usb ar9271 wifi card to use? I do not have extended equipment. I made the following arrangement. One pc. Connected an usb power meter. Connected an usb ar9271 wifi card to the usb power meter. Started an youtube video. After that downloaded an ubuntu image. Distance to router about 10yards. One brick wall. Usb power meter displayed about 5.1v and 0.16a. Is that much? To much to use on a pinephone? The modem on the pinephone has an usb connection. About the modem, why is the power consumption not a problem? I know connecting an usb ar9271 wifi card to a samsung i9100 replicant phone is working terrible. Infrequent disconnects, battery power level has to be above 90%. Thanks.
  5. Is it? armbian-config -> system -> nightfly Then system -> default Thank you.
  6. You were right. I bought a sd card and the computer works.
  7. Yes, they believe they have selected the best available hardware regarding what can get achieved free software wise. Replicant itself is free software. Newest piece of information is, the replicant person got it wrong. The display on the pinephone does not require non free software to run. Similar to the ec on a libreboot computer? The modem on the pinephone has an usb connection to the main cpu. Replicant wants to apply usb guard knowing it might have no effect.
  8. Can you be more specific or are you suggesting I write and ask redpinesignals?
  9. It this similar to the ec on a libreboot computer? I agree it is unacceptable if we do not get access to the source code. But by fsf's respect your freedom definition it does not matter because the device cannot receive updates or it cannot get on the internet.
  10. For my part I think as free as it gets is an option which should be taken. It builds knowledge such that if hardware able to run entirely on free software gets on the market then it will likely be easier to prepare the software which we want. You cannot software wise tweak the wifi card to use less power? Shorter range for smaller power consumption? I wrote bunnie if he new about a free software wifi card suitable for a phone? He did not. This was his answer. solution to the closed firmware problem has been to firewall the wifi chip behind a controller. Basically, we consider everything inside the wifi chip to be insecure. It's conceptually the same assumption as saying the access point is insecure, but with a perimeter slightly closer to the phone. This does mean we are burning extra hardware on a dedicated firewall CPU to manage the wifi chip. It's not the ideal solution, Fyi. A replicant manager wrote, that maybe the display of the pinephone requires non free software to work. People on pinephone's irc did not know what he was referring to. If it requires non free software then a pinephone replicant port is not an option. Apparently replicant will get a pinephone and then will have to test the phone. About the listed hardware in posts here. Pinephone says, people can join in how the phone is going to be build.
  11. If you are referring to replicant I do not agree. I tell people purism has been misleading, omitting and vague about free software and their products. If pinephone gets on sale for the general public and it gets marketed as a free software or open source phone without detailing which devices on the phone require non free software in order to run then I will tell people the company misleads people. thinkpenguin told me, the usb 9271 wifi card is still being manufactured. And it should be able to fit in a phone. According to pinephone's irc they had not considered the ar9271 usb option. One solution might be to add a nano usb hub to a later pinephone mainboard. Pinephone's irc said, there is no sdio slave controller for the ar9271.
  12. Free software is software you may use, share, modify and redistribute. Replicant has decided to investigate if they can port a replicant version to the phone. Replicant has said, they know of no phone better about free software. All modems on the market require non free software. Same about the modem in the pinephone. A downside of the pinephone is the wifi card, 8723cs, because it requires non free firmware software. On pinephone's irc I was told, they went for the 8723cs because pinephone could find no viable free software supported sdio wifi card. Is it the case, there is no free software supported sdio wifi card for sale? On pinephone's irc the ESP8089, ESP8266, ESP32 chips were mentioned. Are they computers like the ardinos? If they are, I expect they are not usable in a phone, because of power consumption. The chips were mentioned because it should not be inherently impossible to write free software drivers and firmware for them. Do you know about forums for such matters? Thanks.
  13. After I aborted the installation, I reinstalled armbian on the same sd card. Turning on the orange pi one I got the mentioned error messages. And gparted on a x86 computer displays an i/o error if I want to format the sd card. Therefore I took another sd card, which is 4gb and installed debian on it. Turning on the orange pi one I get the same error messages as when I used the first sd card. I think it is unlikely that the second sd card is defect. The 4gb sd card is a class 4 sd card. That is not good enough?
  14. orange pi one I was installing armbian buster. Then decided to abort the installation and turned off power. If I install armbian on a sd card and then put the sd card into the orange pi one, the orange pi one keeps rebooting and display message boot. env file invalid elf header rebooting. Is the orange pi garbage? Can I reset the orange pi one? Thank you.