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    theguyuk got a reaction from wildcat_paris in Support of Raspberry Pi   
    I have no kindness toward RPI due to their bullying attitude by staff and mods on their official forum. They also lie with Upton claiming he was happy for other to make RPI inspired boards as it was all about promoting education and hardware building, yet when others start building their own boards RPI fan boys attack them for riding on RPI coat tails.
    Leave RPI to their own old single core code is my attitude.
    On the topic of Armbian I hope Igor and tkaiser won't mind me saying I hope Armbian developes to be the ARM based distro of choice and useable by the clueless ( as I am a clueless Linux noobie ). I hope Armbian gets to the stage where children and users can use it for education just as open software for single board computers should be.
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    theguyuk got a reaction from valant in All strange to a new user   
    I am new to single board computers and have previously used Microsoft Windows computers or Android TV dongle/box.
    I do find it a bit odd that everyone seems to be working on their own versions of operating systems.  It would be a bit like Intel coding their own Windows and AMD coding their own version of windows too.
    Now while people have different aims and software needs it is I think a shame all the different programmers and groups cannot come together more on software.
    You have the various
    Then all the soc variations.
    Now Armbian seems a step in the right direction and you have various Socs and SBC computers, it is just a pity Xapple, Lemaker, Banana , Orange etc cannot pull together as well as the various programmers.  
    Build like Windows etc one operating system that just loads the drivers for the hardware differences and components.  
    I guess I am just to naive about the way things really are.