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  1. What do you need to do with the XU4 "gleam ASAP"?
  2. Quite expensive : Turris Omnia for gigabits/s fiber internet. for ADSL line, Lamobo-R1 is fine.
  3. write protected? yes and no, that is the purpose of the sd_fusing.sh script to allow boot0 to be rewritten. https://github.com/igorpecovnik/lib/blob/a82dc77aee0c286de600192365922dc74741185f/patch/u-boot/u-boot-odroidxu-next/xu4_sd_fusing.patch 1/ the eMMC2SD converter Hardkernel provides cannot see boot0/1/etc. internal partitions. 2/ Only a XU4 booted from SD card can do that & use sd_fusing.sh script 3/ if you don't overwrite boot0 of eMMC, you have a creepy uboot 2012.07 which will probably fail with single partion/vanilla kernel. you cannot rely on Hardkernel for software, only Samsung Opensource Group does a great job.
  4. Me. I haven't seen uboot 2012.07 working with a single partition. I can be wrong, of course. And anyway, without overwriting boot0 partition on eMMC with a proper uboot & blobs, I have tested, you are not gonna make it working. In the best case, SD could work. my next step would have been to test more fully how uboot 2016.09 & legacy kernel works (HDMI stuff & so on) but... read your words. A project is to attract people, not repeal them.
  5. @zador.blood.stain @mrneilypops XU4 : uboot 2012.07 needs a dual boot partition. So uboot 2016.09 is needed as https://github.com/igorpecovnik/lib/pull/520 or a switch back to dual partitions for legacy kernel (with uboot 2016.09, a writing/booting to a SD card is needed, then somewhere in the SD card there is sd_fusing.sh to write the boot loader in "boot0" partition) @zador.blood.stain: better switch back to dual partition for legacy kernel on XU4 for the moment.
  6. @zador.blood.stain You did good about the missing kernel options. it is running. (Still need the update to rename or use xu4.dtb instead of xu3) but ok!!!! http://pastebin.com/Gwyuh7Kv http://pastebin.com/sVjga3bL the diff http://pastebin.com/zyanC78b probably we need to unify boot.cmd now both legacy/vanilla can boot with single partition uboot 2016.09 edit: uboot 2016.09 & legacy kernel, the fan doesn't seem to work edit2: so both legacy/vanilla boots with uboot 2016.09 with the diff (on SD, eMMC to be confirmed)
  7. @zador.blood.stain yes it "kind of" boots, but the system cannot go any further with root=<null> Sure the dtb file renaming is a "detail" I can handle.
  8. Board Branch Boot Network HDMI Install Date Performed by link ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lamobo R1 Legacy ? ? ? ? ? ? Lamobo R1 Vanilla ? ? ? ? ? ? Odroid XU4 Legacy No - - SD 20161027 wildcat_paris http://pastebin.com/LA1sUa49 Odroid XU4 Vanilla Yes Yes console only SD 20161026 wildcat_paris ? comments: - I cannot find a proper/easy way to write a result table on the forum + impossible to use "tab" key to separate elements (only spaces) => is there an extension of the forum to add tables ??? I would propose to create a new "sticky" post: - first message is the summary of all reports for a beta version (I would propose I do the updates here) from... - testers can put their latest results in this thread and I would update the messages in the first post (as a summary) - maybe you may reinstall wildcat_paris with proper rights to manage the "testing thread" (& available to help more in forum as previously)
  9. reading this uboot doesn't seem to be able to pass root= to the kernel edit: with uboot 2016.09 & legacy kernel I had to rename /boot/dtb/*xu4* with xu3
  10. @zador.blood.stain I have tried uboot 2012.07 & boot.ini, uboot 2016.09 & boot.cmd (with and without UUID, removing ArmbianEnv.txt as well, putting /dev/mmcblk0p1 for root) but I end always with [ 7.905375] [c6] VFS: Cannot open root device "(null)" or unknown-block(0,0): error -6 [ 7.912127] [c6] Please append a correct "root=" boot option; here are the available partitions: [ 7.920918] [c6] b300 31276032 mmcblk0 driver: mmcblk [ 7.926612] [c6] b301 1214464 mmcblk0p1 65a81a70-01 [ 7.932308] [c6] 0800 488386576 sda driver: sd [ 7.937370] [c6] 0801 488383488 sda1 e72d222d-01 [ 7.942651] [c6] Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)
  11. @zador.blood.stain logs for legacy XU4 short: [ 7.905185] [c6] VFS: Cannot open root device "(null)" or unknown-block(0,0): error -6 [ 7.911928] [c6] Please append a correct "root=" boot option; here are the available partitions: [ 7.920718] [c6] b300 31276032 mmcblk0 driver: mmcblk [ 7.926411] [c6] b301 1214464 mmcblk0p1 01380d35-01 [ 7.932109] [c6] 0800 488386576 sda driver: sd [ 7.937171] [c6] 0801 488383488 sda1 e72d222d-01 [ 7.942452] [c6] Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)
  12. just an idea: would we create a subforum of Development for testing reports like Debian/Ubuntu Allwinner A10/A20, Allwinner H3, Amlogic, Freescale i.MX6x, Other boards with sticky stuff Or anything to have an overview for reports/status? just an idea.
  13. in case it can help, I have copied the kernels I compile for my L-R1 + a package with older swconfig and/or zip with binary http://guillaume.romagny.free.fr/armbian_kernel/
  14. @zador.b.s your latest updates for XU4/next (uboot 2016.09) are working fine on SD, I will check when possible for legacy edit: for eMMC, the sd_fusing.sh script is needed to wipe out uboot 2012.07 from "boot0" with 2016.09. if not wiped, booting is weird/KO.
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