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  1. I thought boosted 2.2 ecotec's in sand cars was a thing now.
  2. Ford is doing a Ranger Raptor. I had a '66 Plymouth Valiant with a slant six, it was indestructible (almost).
  3. I have the means to see power usage, as time and situation permits I will test this as well. Thanks for the kind words.
  4. Thanks@chwe it's appreciated. I just read the forum to keep my mind busy instead of worrying, anyone that has spent much time in a hospital likely knows what I mean.
  5. I will do the BMW benchmark on an H2 if you are interested in that, it may be a few days as my son is still in the hospital. I would like to know how it stacks up against the N2 anyway.
  6. My son is in the hospital right now so I won't be able to test anything.
  7. No this was the context to my post @tkaiser
  8. The stock N2 kernel is running at CONFIG_HZ=250 so this is what my BMW benchmark was using. It's not a new setting, it's been around for a long time.
  9. I ran the BMW benchmark at stock frequencies, I haven't ran it overclocked and my AC was off.
  10. Test for yourselves, Hardkernel has 4 N2 on the bench ready for testing. @tkaiser I will build the kernel with 1000hz enabled soon and run sbc-bench again.
  11. It accepts 7.5V ~ 20V according to the specs, powering with a battery pack shouldn't be an issue This range makes it perfect for automotive use, such as a CarPC.
  12. At the stock frequencies, it would throttle if overclocked I'm guessing. I was quite pleased how quickly it rendered the scene. I also checked the gimp functionality, it works really well and renders plug-ins such as iWarp on large images quickly. The performance of the N2 doesn't disappoint, especially considering the retail price. I was very sceptical when I learned it was Amlogic based but they really upped their game with this package, it will be a popular SoC in the coming months.
  13. @NicoD I ran the BMW Blender benchmark and the results are. Time: 50 minutes 28 seconds Maximum temperature: 69.2° C
  14. The first test was done with the AC off. The location of my devices happens to be where an AC vent blows from the ceiling, nothing I can do about that really...
  15. My air-conditioning was on and blowing on the device. cpuminer crashed I believe at the end
  16. N2 sbc-bench results (overclocked):
  17. I would run it NicoD but the device is headless currently, when I get around to installing the necessary packages to get the UI up I can render the scene and give you the statistics. I'm running sbc-bench with the cores mildly overclocked, will post those results when finished.
  18. It's my N2, it's not using a fan. Ambient temperature is 22.7° C
  19. N2 results Take these results with a grain of salt since i paid no mind to starting load average. Could someone give me a break down of the results compared to say a rk3399? I have never used this benchmark and have no idea if the results are as they should be.
  20. I'm running sbc-bench on the N2 right now, will share the results when finished. I did have to alter the script in order for it to run, there is a process called (vdec-core) which is using 4% of a core and throwing off the load average. (I do not have any external storage attached)
  21. OT but do you run a renderfarm using various SBC?
  22. That is a lot of traffic but you don't have to host the downloads, that's why I said necessarily. You can use sourceforge to host all the files, and you currently use torrents which is smart. Thank you for sharing the information, it is interesting to see. I didn't realize there was so much traffic but file hosting can be had for free being Armbian is open source. I was strictly speaking of the website when I said 100/month. I think hosting fees is very relevant since that money can be used elsewhere, especially since it seems like it must be expensive currently.