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    Werner reacted to Igor for a position, We need moderators!   
    A moderator plays a vital role in establishing the tenor of a forum and guiding its conduct. The duties of moderators include facilitating introduction of participants in a  forum, encouraging robust discussion within forum's agenda, maintaining order throughout the terms, ensure that the interactions remain within identified theme and for online forums. It includes editing, moving and even deleting postings.
    Make or manipulate up to a few posts a week. Move topics to the correct place. Add missing tags. Add a tag solved when the issue is solved. Cut parts that went off topics and merge them with more appropriate topic or create a new topic out of this part. Be helpful in general before they are made a mod. Help newbies settle in. Direct folks to things they are looking and the like. Have a good relationship with forum admin and regurals. Get positive opinions from the current mods (1 single no and the person is no longer an option). I don't want any of my staff to not get on well. Accept and agree to do the following upon being made a mod.