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  1. https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/2b656aca508369e274f9e6573f020eca4296267b/config/kernel/linux-sunxi-current.config#L2179 modules is there. However there is not much what we can further do about that if - for example- there is an upstream issue with it.
  2. Moved to build framework. Note: Issues with the build script/build process should be raised at Github. Forums are there to provide support for pre-made official images. Thanks for understanding.
  3. Nope, you are correct. Buster is the codename for Debian version 10 as Stretch for Debian 9 was ecetera. I wanted to point out that Armbian has its own versioning (20.08 for example) which should not be mixed with version of flavors Armbian provides which are Debian and Ubuntu. That is why usually we say Armbian 20.08 Focal for example to not bring confusion about numbers. I cannot answer that unfortunately. I am not very deep into this thing and there is also no fixed maintainer for Samsung afaik(?). Though maybe @Igor has an idea or I simply missed something.
  4. Balbes is a fork by our member @balbes150 The official repository is https://github.com/armbian/build Khadas Vim1 is not supported by Armbian. Community approaches to support it are welcome
  5. Prefixes as we knew them a few days ago are gone. The extension which provided those might got abandoned by the author. Anyway I'll try to do the best of the situation and refactor this stuff. Forums which only had a "solved" prefix before will now get the option for moderators and topic author to mark a specific post as solution which also will mark the entire topic as solved. You can check this topic to get an example how this works: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/15333-what-should-be-in-my-gnupg-directory/ For other forums there will be a few additional clicks needed
  6. I want but it still happens often enough to answer to the same topic the same time
  7. @Igor The rules issue fixed itself. Maybe some weird cache finally updated a few hours after. You can test for yourself by trying to join the android club and accept the rules. Anyways. The mentioned permission issus is also not an issue if the clubs are going public anyways and we do not plan to have private club later on
  8. The solution is that this should not have happened Modules aren't packed in a different deb package like it is on Ubuntu. That makes it even more weird and might indicate a packaging issue? There is no Armbian 10, but Debian 10 or Armbian 20.08.x
  9. No. Armbian does not provide realtime kernel images by default. You have to build one by yourself. Checkout the build script on Github und put a RT patch for a matching kernel version into userpatches.
  10. I'll do that. The prefixes stuff is to be considered broken at the moment due to forums upgrade which happened two days ago. Need to figure out to work with the new situation
  11. You could also try to set userspace as govenor and put the min an max frequency at the same values. performance basically means to set them to the highest possible.
  12. No. There is an issue (if not fixed in the meantime) I mentioned here: Also Clubs which have rules in place aren't really open since you cannot browse topics not being force to accept them (this should happen only if you want to interact with the club, not read only. Not sure if it is desigend that way). Also permission seems to be buggy because I noticed not being logged in having your posting in the "active topics" but could not access it obviously because clubs are not accessible for the public yet. This should be fixed.
  13. Obviously missing firmware. Try installing firmware-atheros package if available for your distro flavor or google for qualcom atheros firmware.
  14. "Club rules" are broken. When clicking on accept it simply reloads the page. Fixed itself...
  15. I was able to fix the pending approval thing (which was still there after 10 hours) by hiding and unhiding the posting.
  16. Of course they aren't. There is an issue with labeling: https://armbian.atlassian.net/projects/AR/issues/AR-439?filter=updatedrecently
  17. There seems to be a major caching issue. Showing pending approvals which have been dealt with an hour before. Also color adjustments to themes are not being adopted. memcached is not the cause. Prefixes are gone for the moment and are replaced with traditional tags since the used addon is most likely abandoned by the author. Certain plugins break acp entirely when trying to upgrade them.
  18. Invision Community version has been bumped to 4.5.3 Everything is still pretty rough, both at the frontend as well as the backend. Might probably take a few days until everything is in good shape. The good news is that for the most part the forums are usable