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    TheMojoMan got a reaction from rforcen in Armbian for Amlogic S905X3   
    It has been mentioned several times on this forum that .dtb files of different kernel versions are not compatible. Since Android 9 still uses a 4.xx kernel you cannot use these .dtb's to get your boxes booting the current Armbian images which use the mainline kernel (5.7 and soon 5.8).
    Even when you convert your Android .dtb file to the corresponding .dts file it is converted to a 4.xx kernel description. You would have to translate the information you can gather from this .dts file to the 5.7 kernel description style.
    It seems there are few or no people around here who are experts in converting 4.xx description style to 5.xx description style and that is the main problem we have to use a bunch of hacks to get things working on our machines.
    Or if you want to learn more about device trees   seems to be the right place to go.