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  1. Have a look at the first post of this thread https://forum.armbian.com/topic/12162-single-armbian-image-for-rk-aml-aw-aarch64-armv8/
  2. Sound works on my X96 Max+ when I use the desktop image as a starting point and meson-sm1-sei610-2.dtb (new install; no update of kernel). BTW, Panfrost is even more buggy in the latest 5.7.14 kernel. Now the screen turns black after a second or two and is only updated when the mouse or a window is moved. And Panfrost does not run at all with the 5.8.0 kernel 😢
  3. It has been mentioned several times on this forum that .dtb files of different kernel versions are not compatible. Since Android 9 still uses a 4.xx kernel you cannot use these .dtb's to get your boxes booting the current Armbian images which use the mainline kernel (5.7 and soon 5.8). Even when you convert your Android .dtb file to the corresponding .dts file it is converted to a 4.xx kernel description. You would have to translate the information you can gather from this .dts file to the 5.7 kernel description style. It seems there are few or no people around here who are experts in converting 4.xx description style to 5.xx description style and that is the main problem we have to use a bunch of hacks to get things working on our machines. Or if you want to learn more about device trees https://www.devicetree.org seems to be the right place to go.
  4. Hi, Panfrost is working on my X96 Max+ when I use the latest 5.7 kernel It was not working when I tried the 5.8 rc6 kernel. You have to change your session to "Ubuntu on Wayland" and then login. Currently, X windows system is not supported when you have a bifrost GPU. Currently, after login you will notice that the screen gets blurry after a short time. If you move the mouse the regions around the mouse pointer is updated and not blurry anymore. I noticed (using the latest 5.7 kernel) that "glxinfo -B" now shows that "llvmpipe" is used. However, if you run "glmark2-es2-wayland" it correctly shows that panfrost driver is used. While SuperTuxKart still does not work, they have improved the driver so that Neverball and Neverputt are working very well. You can use Firefox when you add "MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND=1 firefox" to /etc/environment as described here .
  5. You should have a look at Manjaro ARM here: https://manjaro.org/download/ Click on Editions → ARM → your SBC. If your SBC is not listed you can download an image of a board that has the same CPU as yours. Than you have to find the correct DTB to make your board boot. It's been a while ago that I ran Manjaro that way on my X96 Max+. I think I used the 'Khadas Vim 3' image and the same .dtb-file I used for Armbian. It worked quite well but no sound on Manjaro while sound is working on Armbian.
  6. Panfrost for Bifrost GPUs (G31, G52) is a very fresh development. Therefore it is no wonder that it is still very unstable. Quick test results for 'Ubuntu on Wayland': The desktop gets blurred after a short while. Especially text output. Supertuxkart crashes, Firefox crashes and sends you back to login. The only thing I tested that did not crash was glmark2-es2-wayland. But I did not have time to get a little deeper into it, yet. I tried to get Panfrost running on XFCE4 but failed. The window manager (xfwm4) seems to be the problem. I read that somewhere else where they suggested to use 'kwin_x11' instead. But I was not able to start xfce4 with kwin. Even after changing 'xfwm4' to 'kwin' in the respective .xml-file Xorg tried to start 'xfwm' and failed to do so when I activated 'glamor' and 'Panfrost' in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/01-armbian-default.conf. When it is set to 'none' and 'Lima' it starts the desktop. When I tried to remove 'xfwm4' by typing 'sudo apt remove xfwm4' it was output that 'xfce4' would be removed as well ...
  7. Great to see that audio now works for you! @balbes150 just released a new image focussing on the GPU. I will start to test it in some minutes. Let's hope for the best! → did not manage to get Panfrost running with this image
  8. Finally, Panfrost is working on my X96 Max + I have used todays build (Armbian_20.06.0_Arm-64_focal_current_5.7.6_20200630.img.xz) with the meson-sm1-sei610-2.dtb (see some posts ago) and then followed the instructions of the first post here. This is essentially the same procedure that @m][sko mentions in @NicoD's guide here (which did not work with the older Armbian image). In summary, after starting the system do the following sudo sh -c "echo 'PAN_MESA_DEBUG=bifrost' >> /etc/environment" sudo add-apt-repository ppa:oibaf/graphics-drivers sudo apt update sudo apt upgrade sudo apt install ubuntu-desktop -y sudo reboot And then you can try it with Gnome/Gnome on Xorg/Ubuntu or Ubuntu on wayland. I will post details later when I did some more testing. Especially, I am interested if it works with Xfce. Thanks to all the great people that made this possible!!! Especially to @balbes150 and Alyssa Rosenzweig and coworkers!
  9. To correct myself: I have found a comment by Alyssa Rosenzweig (lead developer of panfrost driver) here where she states that "Panfrost does support X11 (those are old instructions)." in reply to a post where someone states that in his understanding Panfrost only supports Wayland.
  10. Panfrost is still not working after adding ppa:oibaf/graphics-drivers repository, updating, upgrading and rebooting as suggested here. So, RK3399 seems to be supported well but with Amlogic S905X3 we still seem to be out of luck
  11. I will try this tutorial to get Panfrost running later.
  12. When you do the following sudo apt install mesa-utils glxgears -info it outputs GL_RENDERER = llvmpipe (LLVM 9.0.1, 128 bits) GL_VERSION = 3.1 Mesa 20.0.4 GL_VENDOR = VMware, Inc. which shows that the software renderer is running. Same for glmark2. And Supertuxkart also only runs at about 6-8 FPS. So, why should some programs be "partially" accelerated? TBO I am doubtful. I also did not read that panfrost is running on XFCE, yet. I have followed the guide about hardware acceleration here and I can confirm that the panfrost driver still crashes the system when using Gnome and Wayland. I really hope that this will be fixed soon!
  13. For audio to work properly try the attached .dtb file which originates from this thread. meson-sm1-sei610-2.dtb
  14. You should not rename the file but COPY it and then rename the copied file to "u-boot.ext". If you don't do it that way you will run into trouble when trying to flash the system to EMMC.
  15. Hi, I am running the latest version of the Ubuntu Bionic image on my X96 mini and I am very interested in the progress of the LIMA open source graphics driver. Unfortunately, the DRM flags of the LIMA and PANFROST drivers are not set: themojoman@aml:~$ uname -a Linux aml 5.3.0-rc8-aml-g12 #5.96 SMP PREEMPT Tue Sep 10 12:12:29 MSK 2019 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux themojoman@aml:~$ grep LIMA /boot/config-5.3.0-rc8-aml-g12 # CONFIG_DRM_LIMA is not set themojoman@aml:~$ grep PANFROST /boot/config-5.3.0-rc8-aml-g12 # CONFIG_DRM_PANFROST is not set @balbes150 could you please enable LIMA and PANFROST kernel drivers in the next image? Thanks!
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