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  1. I've recently bought and received an Odroid XU4, before I had a C2. In the C2 I was using Emby, but had some performance issues, perhaps related to USB 2.0 too I'm installing your version of Emby. Thank you very much for this topic !
  2. I'm replying very late but I had to do a lot of tests and to be sure. Actually, after a lot of re-installations of Armbian on my Odroid C2, it seems now it's working without hanging up. It's been 2 weeks without the need to power cycle. I installed Armbian on SD card, then moved installation on eMMC with armbian-config, then formatted the SD card and now I'm using that as docker root, in fact I'm running pi hole and emby (switched to it from plex) as docker containers. If it's keep on being stable, I won't change it. Even if I don't know why it was so unstable. Thanks for all the advices.
  3. The problem with my actual Odroid is that probably it has some hardware defect. I was originally using it with android as media center and I replaced it because at random it froze. I then replaced the OS (it's running Armbian now), installed on a new SD card (android was on eMMC) and still sometimes it freezes. I'm powering it with its power adapter from Hardkernel (power plug, not usb). I was thinking about changing SBC and not buying again a new Odroid, on this forum it seems that Allwinner chips have the best support, so I think I'd like to buy some SBC with good specs and good support. OrangePi or BananaPi maybe? Thanks
  4. Hi I actually have an old Odroid C2 with Armbian and it's running quite good for pi hole and plex streaming (usb attached hdd) I'd like to replace the board with a new SBC but I can't seem to find the right one for me. I need - armbian good support - 2+GB ram - fast cpu - Gigabit Ethernet - eMMC support could be nice for fast OS - it will run headless - docker support - USB 3 support could be nice, otherwise USB 2 is ok I think it's all. There are a lot of SBC manufacturer and models (orange pi, banana pi, Raspberry pi, nano pi,...) and I can't really understand what is better for me Thanks