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  1. Think the only problem i am finding with my m4 atm is youtube playback at 1080 in theory it should be able to do it looking at the chip (VP9 : 2160p@60fps(4096x2304)) but again its down to software etc using those hardware features. But apart from that i am using my m4 as an actual pc with armbian works very well.
  2. Your a star!! I assume i would have to update the kernel 10 boards to do :( cant do that through fabric :(
  3. Bit of an update regarding power button not working on nanopi fire3. Tech support got back to me and its missing a driver which is located friendlyarm kernel source code. I am not sure how to implement this yet but will look into it as and when i get some more time, hopefully we can implement this into armbian.
  4. I think you would have to wire it yourself tbh. Connector wise your looking for a 3 pin one. Dont forget the crimp pins and all. Im assuming this is the right size for the pins but you will need to check the pin size. I dont have this board so cant be certain on the pin size.
  5. Agree with that. over 22c difference for me. Anyone wants to know what size shims i used 15mm by 15mm and 1.2mm thickness with a dab of thermal paste on cpu and topside of shim to main heatsink. Temperature difference Exactly same test with youtube 1080p 60c with thermal pad, 38 to 40c with copper shim and thermal paste each side of it.
  6. shaun27

    NanoPI M4

    One thing i learned is to always buy the official cables purely for testing. The cable that works ok is friendly elec one which does work very well but the length is a problem for me to have the sbc on my desk without having extension leads all over it. suppose to be rated 5v 4a with the dash charger i bought but bricks under load and with only hdmi connected!. this dash charger works fine btw i got the load up to 2.2amps (with spikes up to 2.5amps)no problem with 4.93volts. So those in the uk who want an all in one plug (not adaptors etc) this does work for at least the stuff and load i stuck on it. Those who might be interested i used xmrig and used all cpu cores when testing which maxed out at 24h/s.
  7. shaun27

    NanoPI M4

    Another thing if anyone is using the official dash charger from friendly elec, under load and a few usb devices connected what is your voltage? i am getting 4.93 with hdmi, usb stick, bluetooth adaptor, ssd (powered by usb) and under full cpu load. Thing what is annoying me is as soon as i connect any cable longer then the official one it bricks which i assume min voltage is 4.85 ?
  8. shaun27

    NanoPI M4

    Might pass on that only got it today I will just wait and order sd to emmc adaptor
  9. shaun27

    NanoPI M4

    I have emailed their tech support so when they get back to me hopefully i can help others. Just a quick question regarding nanopi m4 is their a way to boot from sd card first over emmc so i can use the armbian-config to delete and reinstall the emmc ? Didnt buy the sd to emmc adaptor oh im regretting that now
  10. shaun27

    NanoPI M4

    Haven't got my m4 yet hopefully this week but i would of thought its an option for people to solder on their own power buttons to shutdown the device. I know the nanopi fire3 already has a power button but right next to it is the pwr_key which id assume allows one to solder on their own power button or install some sort of jumper. Problem is as i know from the fire3 this doesn't work with armbian os and only works with friendlyelec os's. Thats what i assume its for anyways i could be wrong.
  11. Think wtarreau summed up most bits but temp wise 63 is completely fine tbh (what temp mine were running at in the summer). Also have you tried completely disconnected the problematic board and completely discharging it and only starting it up with power in and no peripherals. In the past twice now i found static and a dodgy external usb hard-drives have caused problems with computers. Also if you got a multimeter its worth checking the gpio pins to see if they are 5volts at least that way you can eliminate its not the power supply chips on the board or weak connection on the micro usb.
  12. I have only started seeing this the last few weeks normally i use them as headless servers and ssh into them. But when a few wasn't showing up on my router i connected the hdmi to see what it was displaying. As for power supply i doubt its that as i been using this setup for a few months now the only difference is i am using stable versions armbian (before was useing wip) and different sd cards which are brand new class 10 u1. I have to do a fresh install of armbian to get the boards working again but this evening i am trying 2 different sd cards just to make sure its not these new ones.
  13. Just wondering is anyone having issue with rebooting these fire3. Lastest stable image Bionic. This issue doesn't happen on all of them when i reboot (i have 5) but you can bet at least one of them fails and i have rewrite a new image on them. It is not possible to ssh into them when this happens. As you can see from the image when i plugged in hdmi cable that screen shows then after 5 to 10 mins goes blank with a flashing _ . Brand new sd cards in these and all class 10 u1 and its not a particular fire3 which i having issues with its random. Today after a week running some loads i rebooted 4 came back up fine 1 with the bricked screen. Done some updates and and rebooted and another 2 bricked. Is their a way out this without doing a complete rewrite on sd card again?
  14. I get exactly the same 28.2 using xmrig sometimes 28.1. IRC overclocking the CPU will do nothing to improve the hashrate but burn extra power. The only way to increase hashrate is to overclock ram speed as crytonight algorithm uses 1mb per core or 2mb can't remember of top of my head. If I'm correct the CPU on the nanopi fire3 has like 1mb maybe, so it has to do these calculations from ram which is far slower then CPU memory. Also don't forget to add some type of heatsink on those rams because they do get hot if you try overclocking! Forgot to mention when you compile xmrig don't forget before you build under cmake to add following. cmake .. -DCMAKE_C_COMPILER=gcc-7 -DCMAKE_CXX_COMPILER=g++-7 This supposedly gives hashrate increases using gcc7 etc but tbh xmrig isn't really optimized for arm cpus.
  15. Just out of curiosity is it possible to upgrade the kernal in armbian os (wip version) to include the most recent image dtb files from friendlyelec? If so how you do it because this might solve a few hardware issues i am running into with the wip version mainly power button tbh as thats the only way to truly shutdown this thing. Currently version on armbian wip is 4.14 on friendlyelec 4.4.