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    shaun27 got a reaction from gounthar in Quick review of NanoPi Fire3   
    Been a while since I been on these forums but if I remember correctly when I did get it to 1.6ghz the temps were quite high on load even with copper shims decent thermal paste. 
    I use mine for mining still going strong all 10 of them in a cluster.
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    shaun27 got a reaction from TCB13 in NanoPI M4   
    I like to further add regarding Sabrent 256GB Rocket NVMe i have tested this write speed and read speed same time.
    Read 390mb give or take few mb and around 380 write.
    So i would assume this is the upper limit on the pci2.1 on the m4 of around 780 something considering the NVMe is rated 1050mb write 3100 read. Still alot faster then the ssd i tested through usb3.
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    shaun27 got a reaction from NicoD in NanoPI M4   
    The NVMe hat 12v fan socket doesn't work at all for armbian, most likely missing a drive or something. I got it to around 50c and the fan didn't even kick in. I have directly connected the fan to the 5v gpio port for the time being works fine not loud at all but downside to this is that you have to fully disconnect the device to power the fan down. Their was some information regarding controlling the port pwn0 link did try it but it completely bricked the account i exported to so. Have not tried friendlyelec desktop as i prefer armbian's clean image.
    As for cooling i have no problems even with fan off in the metal case as i have used copper shims and thermal paste sits at 30c idle and 40c something under load. I will say its a pain to say the least to do that in the metal case without the copper shim going misaligned. I did try their thermal pad but tbh temps were going up to 50c once the metal case was warmed up. The metal case is alot more effective though then the normal heat-sink they supplied.
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    shaun27 got a reaction from Oleksii in NanoPI T4 3-pin fan with PWM suggestion needed.   
    I think you would have to wire it yourself tbh.
    Connector wise your looking for http://www.hobbytronics.co.uk/cables-connectors/polarized-connector-housing a 3 pin one.  Dont forget the crimp pins and all. Im assuming this is the right size for the pins but you will need to check the pin size. I dont have this board so cant be certain on the pin size.
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    shaun27 reacted to 5kft in Quick review of NanoPi Fire3   
    Hi @shaun27, I just implemented support for this for the Fire3 and have pushed the changes into Armbian (see https://github.com/armbian/build/commit/1301f9f8c254d8408b9136948c786dffa5007acd).  The power button/PWRKEY now works for both powering up the board as well as powering it down 
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    shaun27 got a reaction from Igor in Quick review of NanoPi Fire3   
    Bit of an update regarding power button not working on nanopi fire3. Tech support got back to me and its missing a driver which is located friendlyarm kernel source code. I am not sure how to implement this yet but will look into it as and when i get some more time,  hopefully we can implement this into armbian.
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    shaun27 got a reaction from datsuns in Quick review of NanoPi Fire3   
    Think wtarreau summed up most bits but temp wise 63 is completely fine tbh (what temp mine were running at in the summer). Also have you tried completely disconnected the problematic board and completely discharging it and only starting it up with power in and no peripherals. In the past twice now i found static and a dodgy external usb hard-drives have caused problems with computers. Also if you got a multimeter its worth checking the gpio pins to see if they are  5volts at least that way you can eliminate its not the power supply chips on the board or weak connection on the micro usb.
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    shaun27 got a reaction from datsuns in Quick review of NanoPi Fire3   
    I get exactly the same 28.2 using xmrig sometimes 28.1. IRC overclocking the CPU will do nothing to improve the hashrate but burn extra power.
    The only way to increase hashrate is to overclock ram speed as crytonight algorithm uses 1mb per core or 2mb can't remember of top of my head. If I'm correct the CPU on the nanopi fire3 has like 1mb maybe, so it has to do these calculations from ram which is far slower then CPU memory.
    Also don't forget to add some type of heatsink on those rams because they do get hot if you try overclocking!
    Forgot to mention when you compile xmrig don't forget before you build under cmake to add following.
    cmake .. -DCMAKE_C_COMPILER=gcc-7 -DCMAKE_CXX_COMPILER=g++-7
    This supposedly gives hashrate increases using gcc7 etc but tbh xmrig isn't really optimized for arm cpus.
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    shaun27 got a reaction from datsuns in Quick review of NanoPi Fire3   
    I am currenty running 5 fire 3 with https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00PK1IIJY/ref=asc_df_B00PK1IIJY53128804/?tag=googshopuk-21&creative=22146&creativeASIN=B00PK1IIJY&linkCode=df0&hvadid=214877336784&hvpos=1o1&hvnetw=g&hvrand=4890684913338719900&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9045573&hvtargid=pla-420046835187
    As for cooling i use https://www.amazon.co.uk/ELUTENG-Computer-Portable-Radiator-Ventilator/dp/B071CL82G9/ref=sr_1_18?ie=UTF8&qid=1528834494&sr=8-18&keywords=usb+fan. I have mine stacked so no need for fans for each unit.
    All nanopi fire 3s are around 55c at stock freq under full cpu load.
    Also be very very careful with that 10 port power supply. I know mine gets warm running 5 fire3 and the usb fan at present so do not go to the limit with the power supply as it will most likely melt. Always stay under the rated wattage!. They are not designed for prolonged high wattage usage.
    I have got my fire3 stacked in https://www.amazon.co.uk/ILS-Clear-Acrylic-Cluster-Raspberry/dp/B0768DDTKD/ref=sr_1_2?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1528835367&sr=1-2&keywords=raspberry+pi+stack+case
    You will need to drill new holes to mount them btw.
    If you do get problems with under voltage or shutdown etc check the usb cables. So many times with the raspberry pi i have got under-voltage warnings and 95% time it isn't the power supply but cheap cables or long length usb cables that caused the problem.
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    shaun27 got a reaction from datsuns in Quick review of NanoPi Fire3   
    @datsuns double check that the thermal pad they provided didn't move when you were installing the heatsink.
    I know when I first got it I put the thermal pad on then placed the heatsink without putting the screws in the heatsink first. This caused the thermal pad to move off slightly. Also thought I killed it by pushing down to hard and all .
    Temp wise low usage you might get away with no active cooling but this thing does pack a bunch for its size. And I will add temp wise it does handle better then raspberry pi 3 due to the massive heatsink.
    I've tested this for 4 days straight on xmrig and it sits @ 58c stock speed all 8 cores. 29.5hs btw for cryptonight.
    Just make sure when you shutdown under armbian you pull the power plug because it doesn't shutdown right and CPU heats up. Under friendlyarm it does the same btw only power off button works. So sudo halt or logout doesn't really shutdown right!.
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