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  1. Yoast


    :) thanks for the information! I'm liking the numbers you showed for the purpose I have in mind. It looks like those numbers will be similar (or even slightly better) for the RP64. Right now I'm hoping to start seeing reports of a working add-on card without the need to remove resistors. I'm not sure if the issues reported are solely software based...
  2. Yoast


    Thanks for your message and suggestion firecb. I have a couple of 2.5" SATA disks laying around including the one I use now connected to my BananaPi. I was looking for a multi-bay enclosure, but couldn't find something. I did come across a lot of USB-to-SATA cables. I'm also no big fan of connecting storage through USB. I never liked the receptacle and experienced some stability issues when I had a second USB drive connected to my BananaPi (not sure if it was because of the cable or connector). You're right about the bottleneck . Right now my bottleneck is the crappy speed on my BananaPi (~20 MB/s) so I would like to see that change to a GbE bottleneck Wow, removing a resistor. That's some hardcore tinkering, hope that'll work . Looking forward to seeing some benchmarks.
  3. Yoast


    I'm eyeballing this board to use it for a cheap NAS solution using a PCIe expansion board to connect 2 (or more) SATA disks. No RAID setup or anything like that, just to store movies, tv shows, etc. I noticed you can order such an expansion board from the Pine64 guys (not sure if this is the best board though). Anyway, I'm wondering if this is working at the moment (SATA expansion through PCIe) and if there are any benchmark results? FrankM writes on his website that this is not working. Maybe tkaiser has tested this as well? There is a new batch going to be available soon and I'm not sure if I should wait for a more mature build of the board or just buy it right away.
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