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  1. sumit6975

    USB hub not working on OdroidC2

    Hi Guidol, Thanks for replying. I am not using an external usb-hub rather the usb-hub of the odroicdc2. None of the USB peripherals connected to the ports o f the hub are detected by the OS. I tried connecting a barcode scanner and a ZTE USB modem. None of them were detected in lsusb. Thanks Sumit
  2. sumit6975

    USB hub not working on OdroidC2

    Hi, Can anyone please help me with this issue? Thanks in advance. Sumit
  3. sumit6975

    USB hub not working on OdroidC2

    Hi @TonyMac32, Thank you so much for replying. This is the link to the output of `armbianmonitor -U` : Couldn't upload debug info using armbianmonitor -u as the usb hub is not working I couldn't connect the device to the internet through USB Modem. Thanks again. Sumit
  4. I used a stable Armbian Image (Armbian Stretch mainline kernel 4.18.y) for OdroidC2. The OS booted up normally but the USB hubs didn't detect the connected peripherals. The output of `lsusb` didn't show any of the connected peripherals. Thanks Sumit
  5. Solved the problem (edited) Disabled usb gadget service of orangepi zero `sudo /sbin/rmmod g_serial` (edited) then `sudo bash` link to solution: after `rmmod g_serial` , it can be verified on the host pc by `lsmod`. On the orangepi: `ls /dev/hid*` lists the hid device ports (hidraw1, hadraw2 ... ) and gadget port (hidg0)
  6. I want to load my custom service to show orangepi zero as three devices on the host PC. But as the UDC ( /sys/class/udc/ is being used by another service which is probably the builtin service using udc to show orangepi as: Bus 001 Device 048: ID 0525:a4a7 Netchip Technology, Inc. Linux-USB Serial Gadget (CDC ACM mode) I want to disable that service so that my custom service can use the UDC for the required purpose. This is the command: echo "$(ls /sys/class/udc/)" > UDC and this is the error: echo: write error: Device or resource busy "ls /sys/class/udc" has the file and UDC is in the folder /sys/kernel/config/usb-gadget/< custom name>/ , which is created using a bash script Regards, Sumit