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  1. Создайте свою версию ядра с добавлением патча или подождите, пока разработчики добавят этот режим. How to make this patch? Неясно, о чем мы говорим. The device does not turn off but restarts.
  2. On the 4.16.1 kernel, when the device is turned off, the device re How ro fix?
  3. I,m using Armbian5_44_s9xx_debian_stretch_4.16.1_icewm. But the list of permissions has 1280x1024 and the next 1920x1080. How to add 1440x900. If i add through Xrandr then the application of this mode flickers the screen and gets an error.
  4. There is a monitor with a resolution of 1440x900 (16:10) connected via the hdmi-> vga adapter. In the adjustment there is a current resolution of 1280X1024. How do I add the permission that I need.
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