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  1. Hi, thank you for your answer, I try to install linux-dtb-next-sunxi_5.96_armhf.deb linux-headers-next-sunxi_5.96_armhf.deb linux-image-next-sunxi_5.96_armhf.deb linux-u-boot-next-bananapipro_5.96_armhf.deb but sadly nothing better. Not simple...
  2. oh yes, for sure, I modified the sun7i-a20 file, I have adapted the tuto for my Bananapi Pro. Until this step, all is ok.
  3. Hi, I know it's a waste of time to play with an old bananapi pro but I think I could do it so I want to do it ! I can't make working PCM5102a DAC. I read a lot of things through different website but noway ! I tried . I've only obtain this next to the step "armbian-add-overlay ./sun8i-h3-I2S-out.dts": $lsmod|grep i2s sun4i_i2s 20480 0 snd_soc_core 114688 2 sun4i_codec,sun4i_i2s snd_pcm 69632 4 sun4i_codec,sun4i_i2s,snd_pcm_dmaen
  4. Fisrt, I tried this: /dts-v1/; /plugin/; / { compatible = "allwinner,sun7i-a20"; fragment@0 { target = <&i2s0>; __overlay__ { pcm5102a: pcm510x { compatible = "ti,pcm5102a"; pcm510x,format = "i2s"; #sound-dai-cells = <0>; }; }; }; fragment@1 { target-path= "/"; __overlay__ { sound_i2s { c
  5. Ok, thank you. I maybe too a newbie for this work ! I'm going to try with this: /dts-v1/; #include "sun7i-a20.dtsi" #include "sunxi-common-regulators.dtsi" #include <dt-bindings/gpio/gpio.h> #include <dt-bindings/input/input.h> #include <dt-bindings/interrupt-controller/irq.h> / { compatible = "allwinner,sun7i-a20"; pcm5102: pcm510x { compatible = "ti,pcm5102a"; pcm510x,format = "i2s"; #sound-dai-cells = <0>; }; sound_i2s { compatible = "simpl
  6. Thank you for answer ! But how to made and activate manually an overlay ? I found this on A10/A20 here: What does it mean ? Is it an other way ? How to enabled I2S in HW configuration ?
  7. Hi, I'm not able to make my DAC to work on my Banana Pro. It's PCM 5102 DAC and it worked on my previous Armbian Wheezy My config: uname -a Linux bananapipro 4.11.6-sunxi #6 SMP Fri Jun 23 19:56:18 CEST 2017 armv7l GNU/Linux The DAC doesn't appear: aplay -l **** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices **** card 0: sun4icodec [sun4i-codec], device 0: CDC PCM Codec-0 [] Subdevices: 1/1 Subdevice #0: subdevice #0 I looked in armbian-config tool but there is nothing to activate overlays I looked in folder /boot/dtb/overlays but saw nothing about I2S
  8. And how to upgrade ? Zonegrise wrote he followed Armbian documentation but I cant find it. Could you please give a link ? Thanks !
  9. Ok, that's clear ! thanks for your quick reply !
  10. Hi, I can't update from armbian. I tried to switch to a new repository as write on this page: When I proceed to apt-get update, I've got: my sources.list.d/armbian.list: Any idea ?
  11. Hi ! I had this kind of problem a couple of month ago: the problem was solved when my power source shut definitely down ! With my new power source, I never had the problem so I conclude that my old power source had sometimes some voltage drop !
  12. Hi, the upgrade to Armbian worked for me from Bananian 15.04 Wheezy with Openmediavault 2 on Banana Pro without problems. The sources from Bananian were deleted automatically. I've just followed Igor instructions. Now I've Linux bananapi 3.4.110 sun7i. I needed Sunxi sndi2s driver for my Beaunanas (a Banana Nas server boxed in a French Burgondy Beaune wine bottle box in wood ) to make working my DAC with MPD, missed driver on Bananian 15.04. Thanks for Armbian !