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  1. there are a lot of things about AR100. unfortunately I dont have time to dig that real time processor. anyway i wont implement "shutdown " or "halt" to my project.
  2. Hi, i have face similar issue. When i halt (sudo halt) the orange pi zero (H2+), i observe overheating situation even if copper heatsing is mounted. iIreally wonder whether sudo halt stops the cpu or not. Does anyone have any idea about this.?
  3. but when i make thumb test, i see that the temperature goes down about 4 - 5 degree.
  4. yes exactly as you stated. even if it work under 0.1 MHz it becomes hot. . Can i calculate the correct temperature according to wrong readouts?
  5. Hi guidol thank you for your suggestion. unfortunately OPi zero H5 does not include built in ethernet connectivity and usb . our application depends on fully ethernet. in this situation, i will use a passive & active cooler. actually our application does not have heavy duty working, it will gather some serial data and transfer to remote server using python and nodejs at every 20 minutes. nevertheless it will be in a plastic case. i have soldered all pins of opi zero to the PCB and noticed that PCB works like passive cooler even if just a bit. do you have a suggestion on cooling the opi zero ?
  6. Hi, I have made all settings to underclock the CPU, unfortunately before and after temperatures are exactly same. we are planning to use this board as commercial product and high temperature issues for rev 1.4 boards make us worried. i really wonder that v1.4 boards have problems ?
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