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  1. CabröX

    NanoPI M4

    The thing is: The charger that sells FriendlyElec with the board is a copy of the Oneplus Dash charger and maybe for this charger to deliver all the power (nearly 4 amps) needs to have some negotiation between the load and the psu. As far as I know, the oneplus devices dont enter into this mode until something happens in the phone like 1 second after plugging in. I don't think the charger is delivering this amount of amps but maybe 2'5. I'll have to test it one of these days. EDIT: Confirmed, the Dash charger from oneplus complies with a protocol for
  2. CabröX

    NanoPI M4

    It is already in the friendlyelec shop to buy!
  3. CabröX

    NanoPI M4

    This is coming soon for sure!
  4. CabröX

    NanoPI M4

    Any news on this board? Is everything going as expected? Hyped to give it a new home (mine)
  5. CabröX

    NanoPI M4

    Waw looks amazing, definitely going to wait for it. The firsts versions of this SBC's usually come with hardware problems? And another question, is the back part (aluminium case) like a heat sink for the SoC? And will the final version come with it? Seems so nice.
  6. CabröX

    NanoPI M4

    Is there is an aproximate release date for this board? I would totally pick one, as I was having a look to the nanopc-T4 but I think is too much of an overkill for my projects and would like to get some raspberry pi cases too for this one! Thanks in advance.