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    CabröX got a reaction from Igor_K in NanoPI M4   
    It is already in the friendlyelec shop to buy!
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    I had a script monitoring the wiki. There's movement.

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    CabröX reacted to hjc in NanoPI M4   
    It seems that the DT files of NanoPi M4 and NanoPi NEO4 are already published on FriendlyARM GitHub. They share most parts (rk3399-nanopi4-common.dtsi) with NanoPC T4, with minor differences.
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    CabröX reacted to Larry Bank in Animated GIF player for framebuffer and SPI LCD   
    I just released some new code on github to play animated GIF files directly on a Linux framebuffer or SPI LCD (using my SPI_LCD code). It doesn't have any 3rd party dependencies and can easily be made to run on systems with no operating system or file system. This is part of my imaging library that I've been working on for more than 20 years. I'm slowly releasing parts of it as open-source. This code was sliced out of a much larger project which supports a whole bunch of image formats.

    Comments/feedback welcome.
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    CabröX reacted to tkaiser in NanoPI M4   
    Thank you for updating the post with this second picture!
    So I would assume we have either:
    one USB3 port directly connected to RK3399 and three USB3 ports behind the internal VL817 hub sharing bandwidth or all 4 USB3 ports behind the internal VL817 hub sharing bandwidth (then OTG is routed to USB-C but only as Hi-Speed?) Same Wi-Fi chip as NanoPC-T4, optional eMMC, 2 PCIe lanes available on a header... nice! I really hope NanoPi M4 and NanoPC-T4 will be as compatible as possible so we can support them with a single image
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    CabröX reacted to mindee in NanoPI M4   
    Working on NanoPi M4 these days,  almost done, Here is the other side(not final version), would be available  in August, price is $79/99 (2GB/4GB RAM).