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    ramawatar reacted to balbes150 in New branch for version assembly Armbian for TV boxes.   
    The official git armbian\build adds the tvboxes test branch. Everyone is invited to participate in the development , testing and maintenance of different models of TV boxes.
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    ramawatar reacted to Igor in What is the difference between Armbian and Debian Linux   
    I am not sure if this is what you want to know, but:

    - Debian.org or Ubuntu.com officially does not support any of those boards/boxes,
    - Armbian userspace has many small but vital performance or security adjustments,
    - Armbian fancy some kernel development and a lot of its maintaining. Debian relies on upstream sources for ARM hardware which can be years behind and/or lack of many functions,
    - Armbian userspace is lean, clean but 100% Debian (or Ubuntu) compatible
    - many stock Debian bugs are fixed on the way, "better than original :)"
    - a build system is a central part of this whole ecosystem. You can DIY. Debian much harder.
    - dedicated support forums per boards/boxes
    - plug and play vs. complicated install scenarios on Stock Debian
    - unified development scenarios and user experience vs. mess of different setup instructions scattered all around
    I must have forgotten many other important points
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