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  1. Armbian has an unsupported image. Here is a list of OS's https://www.electromaker.io/blog/article/best-oses-for-the-libre-computer-roc-rk3328-cc
  2. You already have the sudo command to launch from terminal. Alternatively go to Panel menu and find Armbian-config. Launch it. Look for install. There is an option for emmc and SATA install.
  3. Thanks for the responses. I'm looking forward to the new image. It's looking good so far.
  4. Other things that seem off. No chance to set up lightdm or nodm. Seems like there was another install setting that's missing. I can't remember what. It had new settings too for programs being installed.
  5. I found the real problem. Install full desktop does not give you a desktop. Minimal does. After minimal is installed, you can install full desktop. Don't know if it will cause problems but, it's the only way I found to install full desktop and, have a desktop. Last install had no errors through password change and, foreman set up. After reboot from moving file system, I had to type password twice. Installed full desktop and, no desktop.
  6. It must be the password errors. Somehow I made it without typing too soft or hard. Desktop loaded. Retype foreman password once and I guess that's all it takes to break it. I also went for minimal desktop this time to save time and bandwidth. I added full desktop after that. Thanks for the reply! I'm a dunce lol
  7. I have set up the accounts many times and passwords accepted so I'm at a loss. It is really difficult and takes many tries. Keep getting double key entries. Since passwords don't show how many keys, it takes many retries. Tried several keyboards too. Maybe this is the problem? Had no problem with the old image except for Chromium and the double key entries in command line. The media script almost made it usable. Buggy Chromium killed it for me. I really liked what I saw from Armbian. Wish I had bought a supported board. Oh well. I'll check for a new image in 6 months. Tired of reinstalling!
  8. Installed desktop, ran start desktop. From there I was back in text mode. Rebooted still no desktop. Tried startx, xinit and, several other start desktop commands from various OS's. I've been working on this for 3 days now. Don't know what I'm missing. I also tried installing lightdm, no change. I could also use the shut down command. Tried everything I could think of there too. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I hate wasting your bandwidth and time. I'm stuck! I'm done wasting bandwidth and moved to time now. Funny it asks me startx like in (OS name). Wish I knew how to tell it Yes! exactly lol! Thanks in advance ROC-RK3328-CC Armbian 5.98 Renegade
  9. Tests 1 and 3 SanDisk Ultra 32 Gig USB 3.0 Test 3 Command line used: iozone -e -I -a -s 100M -r 4k -r 16k -r 512k -r 1024k -r 16384k -i 0 -i 1 -i 2 random random bkwd record stride kB reclen write rewrite read reread read write read rewrite read fwrite frewrite fread freread 102400 4 3643 3837 15912 17240 6657 1862 102400 16 8846 10894 46156 39563 23035 5752 102400 512 16001 31029 124890 123804 89134 13110 102400 1024 29149 32220 124968 126517 101223 23571 102400 16384 30933 31919 129874 131508 128952 27569 Test 1 random random bkwd record stride kB reclen write rewrite read reread read write read rewrite read fwrite frewrite fread freread 102400 4 3424 3576 17552 17333 5964 1901 102400 16 10877 12941 49304 51328 24291 3688 102400 512 15854 30037 124458 104809 87279 10882 102400 1024 9529 31652 126718 127313 101724 12027 102400 16384 31277 18267 129123 128771 128144 33082
  10. If you boot off the stick already then it's as easy as cd $HOME cpufreq-set -g performance iozone -e -I -a -s 100M -r 4k -r 16k -r 512k -r 1024k -r 16384k -i 0 -i 1 -i 2 Running correctly now. I ran iozone -a only lol. I'll post on the right thread when it's done.
  11. You are right! Performance dropped quick. It's taking a couple of min to do a line now. I killed the test, as it was going way too slow. I don't want to burn anything up. SSD had no problems with iozone testing. I also notice instability in all installs. SSD seems constant but not right.eg. desktop is off until enabled in config or startx command. Sound works on start of desktop unlike SD and USB stick installs Sorry I bothered you lol. You taught me a lot. Keep up the good work! Being a noob I will just observe from now on, unless I see a way to help.
  12. I see your point. My hope was always for booting SSD. Both worked without new problems so far. The memory stick was a test, before I spent $30 on a dock. I'd be glad to test the SanDisk Ultra 32Gig USB 3.0 stick (It has no heatsink so, looks like a problem). Should the test be run headless? Also should I run iozone in auto? I'm a noob, who can follow directions well. I only have 2 no name and 2 PNY SD cards. The no name are over 3 years old and, second hand. The 1 PNY is at least a year old . The other is 2 years old. So I'm sure you don't want any those.
  13. Just an observation. The SD card performance is not part of why I bought this board. I have a cheap old 8 gig card (years old 10 rating?) and it works well enough to install Armbian and boot Armbian from my USB3.0 thumb drive. A 32gig USB memory stick cost $10. Even tough you need an SD card also, it seems the faster, cheaper way to go. I'm impressed with the speed of the memory stick . 15 second boot and lightning fast upgrade Unless SD cards can match eMMC or USB3.0 it seems like a waste IMHO. All you need it for is booting USB3.0 Tomorrow my USB 3.0 SSD dock+built in USB 3.0 Hub will arrive. Hope it will boot from that too. I'll let you know if anyone cares.
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