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    charlesrg1 reacted to Ultradrom in Fix USB3-power and Bluetooth for H6 tvbox "V96mini 6k" (DTB customize example)   
    USB3-power and Bluetooth not work when use original dtb-file "sun50i-h6-tanix-tx6.dtb" on tvbox "V96mini 6k" (brother of TX6),
    with Armbian_21.08.0-trunk_Aw-h6-tv_hirsute_current_5.10.53_xfce_desktop.img.xz (distro from Balbes150).
    All other stuff works fine: Ethernet100, HDMI+Audio, 2xUSB2.0, WiFi.
        Hardware info "V96mini 6k" :
    CPU : Allwinner H6; GPU : Mali-T720; RAM 4GB, MMC 64GB
    Power Management Unit (PMU) : A8038 ! (not AXP805 !)
    Wireless module : AP6256 ! (WiFi 2.5ghz and 5.0ghz, Bluetooth)
    Ethernet 100mbit; 1xUSB3.0, 2xUSB2.0; microSD


        Solution: (for fix USB3-power and Bluetooth on tvbox "V96mini 6k")
    Variant 1 (easy) : use attached "sun50i-h6-tanix-tx6_v96mini6k_01.dtb" for fix problem (this mod based on "sun50i-h6-tanix-tx6.dtb").
    Variant 2 (hardcore) : read next message in this topic for instructions how to fix manually (decompile dtb to dts, edit dts, compile new dtb).
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    charlesrg1 reacted to balbes150 in Allwinner H6   
    New Image 20210123 for H6, kernel 5.10.9
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