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  1. Has anybody figured out how to make the USB3 port work as USB3 in the V96mini with a H6 ? I've WIFI, LAN, USB2.0 working and now wanted to connect an USB3 camera to the USB 3 port however it does not initialize when connected there. It works well on USB2 port but at limited resolution. USB2 devices also work on the USB3 port. Just not USB3 on USB3. I'm using the sun50i-h6-tanix-tx6_v96mini6k_01.dtb by Ultradrom and tried on Armbian 21.05.0-trunk Focal with Linux 5.10.27-aw-h6-tv and Armbian 22.05.0-trunk with Linux 5.15.27-station.
  2. Hello Ultradom, please, do you have an update to your DTB or a direction that I could take to make the USB3 a USB3 not just USB 2.0 ? I noticed that the Logitech Brio webcam won't work on the USB3 port and USB sticks on it work slowly. I tried your DTB on: Armbian 21.05.0-trunk Focal with Linux 5.10.27-aw-h6-tv and Armbian 22.05.0-trunk with Linux 5.15.27-station both with the latest updates, it does a great job fixing the WIFI and making the USB3 port available. thank you
  3. Just a heads up I've a V96 Mini working fine. WIFI, 3GB of Ram, 32GB of Flash (+-44MB/s) Just finished deploying OctoPrint into it. Happy with this little box. i wanted a PI but it's double the price.
  4. I've got the USB3 also working at USB2.0 speeds using: sun50i-h6-tanix-tx6_v96mini6k_01.dtb from @ultradrom info here.
  5. Nevermind, I got it installed and running. Thank you.
  6. @ultradrom this is really great. it definitely enables the USB3 port. I don't think it makes it an USB3.0 port. I connected a USB3 Flash drive that does 50MB/s easily however all I got was 9MB/s root@octoprint:/mnt/usb# dd if=/dev/zero of=512MB bs=1M count=512 oflag=direct 512+0 records in 512+0 records out 536870912 bytes (537 MB, 512 MiB) copied, 55.715 s, 9.6 MB/s
  7. Did you just write the image to an SD card and booted from it or are there other tricks to boot ? Are you also able to write the image to the onboard storage ?
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