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  1. I have 5.59 with 4.18 kernel. which are the changes to 5.64 with kernel 4.19 ? Can anybody say what’s new ? may I can see somewhere the changelog for the future ?
  2. Other question: How do i Update from 5.59 20180829 to 5.59 20180908 without dataloss?
  3. I've fixed that issue by myself with editing the script to the "right" mcc. After that and fixing the boot partition everything works finde now. Now issues about that anymore. Kind regards,
  4. I had the same issue. thats because your sd card is mmcblk0 and your nand/emmc is mmcblk1. In the install and create_mbr script this is wrong. You have to make some changes by yourself. After that your box wont boot because the boot partition search for mmcblk1p2 but its actually mmcblk0p2. may you write me personal, may i can help you with that. kind regards,
  5. So guys, i have a new issue which i cannot fix by myself. wifi dont work. I Tried every dtb file But my wifi modul never worked. so i googled. i found that i have a rare Chip: aigale aw-cm273sm is there any way to get the driver for this Modul? kind regards
  6. I have a new issue, only a small thing. I don't now if this needed or can be fixed but when please give me an advice to do so. grep "armbian-zram" /var/log/daemon.log Sep 5 19:56:46 S905xNAS systemd[1]: armbian-zram-config.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE Sep 5 19:56:46 S905xNAS systemd[1]: armbian-zram-config.service: Unit entered failed state. Sep 5 19:56:46 S905xNAS systemd[1]: armbian-zram-config.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'. No Swap, no l4z and no zram? If this is required for something? I read about it but I don't know. Kind regards,
  7. OH MY GOSH! You are a genius, thanks you very much. IT WORKED!! Best man !! Kind regards,
  8. Works now, I saw the problem. Another question I have: Can we Install it to NAND/Flash ? I know there are problem with 4.18 Kernel, do I should a another one? Kind regards,
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