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  1. Have you tired the @balbes150 images? Try with meson-g12a-u200.dtb, it might boot but it looks pretty basic at the moment. I would be interested to know whether they work on the S905X2
  2. From my experience, I have done dtb->dts, modifed some code & converted back to dtb using dtc without any ill effects or kernel headers. YMMV
  3. Yes indeed. I don't think it is the rampup because when I cpufreq-set to fix at 1.51Ghz I still get the same result. I am looking for ways to make the desktop as fluid as on the S912 and memory speed is perhaps the answer. The media testing script didn't do it for me.
  4. Armbian_5.72_Rk3328-tv_Ubuntu_bionic_default_4.4.154_desktop_20190123 Boots to desktop with rk3328_evb.dtb but max cpu freq only 1.30GHz with rk3328_evb.dtb taken from 4.4.167 image and MAX_SPEED=1512000 in /etc/default/cpufrequtils, can reach 1.51Ghz Further testing ongoing... Memory speed testing with dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/testfile bs=1M count=1000 rk3328: 352 MB/s s912: 566 MB/s need to find dram speed setting
  5. Armbian_5.72_Aml-s912_Ubuntu_bionic_default_4.20.2_desktop_20190124 Boots to desktop. eth0 up no wifi no bluetooth Desktop still smooth :-) Thanks @balbes150
  6. Got it up to 1.51Ghz. Just doesn't feel as smooth as the s912. I guess octacore beats quadcore
  7. No. MAX_SPEED=1510000 was already in there. Doing cpufreq-set -f 1.51GHz did not push to 1.5GHz either, only to 1.39Ghz EDIT: changed MAX_SPEED=1510000 to MAX_SPEED=1512000 then can hit 1.51GHz refer to
  8. This seems to run much better. Noticed that cpu frequencies 1.39GHz and 1.51Ghz are available, Although cpufreq-info reports that hardware limits: 408 MHz - 1.51 GHz, still can't hit 1.51GHz though
  9. Righto. s912 desktop running well so far on my T95Z Plus. Problem with usb fixed by using powered hdd docking. Great job :-)
  10. @balbes150: I see 20190122 now have separate s905 and s912 images. Is there a list of differences between the two?
  11. Anyone here tried this? I've added opp-1392 & opp-1512 to rk3328-evb.dtb and running it at the moment. Governor set ondemand, can hit 1.39GHz not so much 1.51GHz. Let's see if anything blows up
  12. Sorry if it is obvious, but how do I do this? Thanks.
  13. New kernel, thanks :-) Working nicely on my BM8 Pro - s912 2gb ram & T95Z Plus - s912 3gb ram. Desktop fluid, firefox streaming video ok
  14. rk3328-box-trn9.dtb does not boot my box. Let me try the 5.71 image and see whether its any better UPDATE: 5.71: rk3328-mx10.dtb, rk3328-evb.dtb boots to desktop, rk3328-box-trn9.dtb no with armsoc xorg. glxgears 160 FPS, compositor off Firefox video streaming some OK some not, with compositor off Desktop sluggish
  15. I use rk3328-evb.dtb thats in the image. Where can I download this optimised dtb that you speak of?
  16. Testing on A5X Max 4gb ram ARMBIAN 5.67 user-built Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS 4.4.154-rk3328-tv Installed System, MPV, Gstreamer, GL4ES and Streaming from media-rk3328_1.0.txz 1. General desktop does not feel any smoother, feels quite laggy 2. Watching streaming video in firefox only good if window compositor off & certain encoding, can't determine which 3. Chromium streaming crashes page upon playing 4. glxgears - libGL error: unable to load driver: 417 frames in 5.0 seconds = 83.309 FPS glrun glxgears 297 frames in 5.0 seconds = 59.256 FPS 5. xorg log: (EE) AIGLX error: dlopen of /usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/dri/ failed (/usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/dri/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)
  17. What was it that you need to do to boot into 720p mode? Some bootargs in uEnv.ini perhaps...?
  18. Currently using it as a general desktop, running quite well although I find the T95Z Plus runs better, so I am switching.
  19. Here perhaps?
  20. Using an A5X Max, running quite well at the moment although I think I'll switch to the T95Z Plus I just received.
  21. T95Z Plus s912 8core 3gb ram Boots to desktop image Armbian_5.67_Aml-s9xxx_Ubuntu_bionic_default_4.19.7_desktop_20181218 with patched meson-gxm-q200.dtb ethernet 1gb ok, wifi no, bluetooth probably not hdmi sound and video plays ok
  22. Thanks. If I already have ver 20181203 and upgraded via apt, its the same yes?