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  1. I use this, the N6 Max maintains temps in the 50's C. Without it, high 60's.
  2. I've got it running the xfce4 desktop at 1.70Ghz(cpu1-4) and 2.02Ghz(cpu5-6) plus a few other tweaks. With kernel 5.9.9 the issues with eth0 seems to have gone, although there were a few times it disconnected/reconnected on its own. Now that 5.10 final is released, waiting for Armbian
  3. I'm running off sd and since it is running well enough, I didn't to risk bricking the box by trying to install to emmc. What cpu speeds have you got running?
  4. I see. I'd be interested to know how well 5.10 final will run.
  5. I'm on N6 Max. Where did you get 5.10.0-rc7?
  6. eth0 seems to disengage after a while. Reverted to kernel 5.9.9, seems stable so far. Looking forward to 5.10 final after this weekend.
  7. No announcements that I'm aware of. I just have a script running in conky looking for changes at
  8. It does seem that the optimization is for certain use-cases only, not apparent in daily desktop operations. Anyway, 20201123 is running without issues so far, congratulations to balbes
  9. Yes, trying to find a way to measure this improvement. Unsuccessful so far.
  10. Linux 5.10 ARM64 Has A "8~20x" Performance Optimization Using 20201123 (kernel 5.10-rc4) now. Doesn't feel 8-20x faster, maybe benchmarks will show
  11. dd the first 32767 sectors of the working sdcard to the new sdcard seemed to do the trick Now on 20201118
  12. Magicsee N6 Max rk3399 Doesn't boot on sd-card The last bootable image was 5.90-rc8 Kernel 5.97 works when copied to that image
  13. Does not boot with my Magicsee N6 Max using rk3399-rock-pi-4.dtb, 20201007 did (the one with the rc8 kernel)