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  1. This might get me back to tinkering with TV boxes again.
  2. I use this, the N6 Max maintains temps in the 50's C. Without it, high 60's.
  3. I've got it running the xfce4 desktop at 1.70Ghz(cpu1-4) and 2.02Ghz(cpu5-6) plus a few other tweaks. With kernel 5.9.9 the issues with eth0 seems to have gone, although there were a few times it disconnected/reconnected on its own. Now that 5.10 final is released, waiting for Armbian
  4. I'm running off sd and since it is running well enough, I didn't to risk bricking the box by trying to install to emmc. What cpu speeds have you got running?
  5. I see. I'd be interested to know how well 5.10 final will run.
  6. I'm on N6 Max. Where did you get 5.10.0-rc7?
  7. eth0 seems to disengage after a while. Reverted to kernel 5.9.9, seems stable so far. Looking forward to 5.10 final after this weekend.
  8. No announcements that I'm aware of. I just have a script running in conky looking for changes at
  9. It does seem that the optimization is for certain use-cases only, not apparent in daily desktop operations. Anyway, 20201123 is running without issues so far, congratulations to balbes
  10. Yes, trying to find a way to measure this improvement. Unsuccessful so far.
  11. Linux 5.10 ARM64 Has A "8~20x" Performance Optimization Using 20201123 (kernel 5.10-rc4) now. Doesn't feel 8-20x faster, maybe benchmarks will show
  12. dd the first 32767 sectors of the working sdcard to the new sdcard seemed to do the trick Now on 20201118