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Found 2 results

  1. Been dreaming of this one for a while. Finally got a weekend to focus on it recently. I'm hoping someone is eager to take what I've done and move It along some more. Here's what we have so far. * a linux 'family' called virtual.conf * a kernel config called linux-virtual-current.config * a board called virtual-qemu.wip The result is a full HVM accelerated armbian image with a kernel compiled with all the virtio drivers for disk, network and video. Also a u-boot.bin made for qemu that can boot the image when used as the qemu bios/firmware I've ran it as a VM on ubuntu using plain qemu on a Ampere eMag box.. and using UTM (qemu) on Apple M1 in MacOS this is using u-boot, not uEFI.. and you need to copy the u-boot.bin manually from cache/sources/u-boot...../u-boot.bin and use it as your chosen bios for qemu. I left some quick breadcrumbs on how to launch within the board config file. I want to keep the u-boot option, but obviously we need this to support uEFI booting to be viable for the masses. Next steps: * automatically resize and convert resulting image to qcow2 format * solve how to add cloud-init to image * solve for installing grubEFI for booting and whatever partition layout is needed * figure a proper way to write uboot to the image so thet qemu can boot without loading as a bios * strip extra hardware drivers out of kernel and make this thing lean PS Did I mention Desktop Works too?
  2. Hi there, let's assume I have two custom extra packages which have a dependency in extras-buildpkgs. 10-package1.conf 20-package2.conf 20-package2 has a package_builddeps to 10-package1. It is marked in the .conf file as in package2/debian/control@Build-Depends. Package 10-package1 is build properly and stored under output/deps/extra/jammy_utils. While building package 20-package2 it does install resolve 10-package1 before and in the logs I see the `Bad package name` (general.sh:1290) message. Also the adjustment of package20's rules to use apt-get during build prep does not find the package. Is there anything I have to configure/consider to resolve this or is this an unsupported case? Thanks, Max
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