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How to execute a script after a resume from suspend?

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I would like to ask your help with the following problem.

I'm able to put my Orange Pi PC Plus to suspend state using this command:

echo -n mem>/sys/power/state


When I wake it up using the SW4 pushbutton it resumes operation properly.

I would like to automatically execute my script every time the system resumes from suspend state.


I found two different methods, I've spent several hours trying them and non of them seems to be working with Orange Pi PC Plus.

First method: using /lib/systemd/system-sleep

Second method: using /etc/pm/sleep.d


It seems my system does not execute the scripts configured in none of the above folders after resume.

Is there a special solution to do this? Could you give me any suggestion what else shall I try?


Linux orangepipcplus 3.4.113-sun8i


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