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Orange Pi Plus 2+ upload speed


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I have an an orange Pi plus 2+. I had installed armbian ubuntu 18.04.2 on it.  I used it only on wired network, and I experienced that the downloading speed is perfect, but the uploading speed is very slow. So at the network synchronous, the upload is same fast as download. On the same wiring and with another device I have not noticed this phenomenon before. Do you know what can be the reason of this?






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This is a known bug at speed test.

Please refer: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/speedtest-cli/+bug/1828929


For testing, install speedtest-cli via pip. Don't use apt.

speedtest-cli version installed with apt : 2.0.0(problem)

speedtest-cli version installed with pip : 2.1.2(no problem)


apt install python-pip -y
pip install speedtest-cli


for testing, 



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