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Armbian 5.90 boot only uses bottom line of screen


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As I told on another topic, yesterday I installed Armbian 5.90 buster 4.19.57 on my OrangePi One.


Now, when it boots, all the output text goes to the bottom line of the screen, with each line overwritting the previous one (no scroll).


Then it asks for username, and when I type it it asks for password, overwritting the username I typed. And it probably displays the wellcome banner, but I just see the last line of the banner.


Once logged, I have to type "clear" and then I can use the full screen, and it scrolls.


That happens on the console, if I start a new session from another machine (using PuTTY) it works fine. My password doesn't overwrite my username, and I can see the full wellcome banner. I don't need to type "clear".


Note: While botting, apart from text in the bottom line, also the Armbian name with big red letters is displayed in the middle of the screen. That's all, Armbian in the middle and text in the bottom line.

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