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I want to boot from emmc(all bootloader ,rootfs and kernel are in emmc).

Now I can boot kernel from SD card and emmc (bootloader in spi nor flash.), and it works well.

At present ,I have got the flash-image.bin by  ATF using BOOTDEV=EMMCNORM  option and copy this one to emmc partition 1(mmcblk0p1  179:1    0  7.3G  0 part)

Then i changed the jumper to emmc boot mode and reboot the board ,but uboot can not up .The output just show ">"  "E"


Can anyone tell me how should I do.



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I have boot from emmc successfully using  espressobin-emmcloader-cpu-1000-ddr4-2cs-1g-atf-g39a62a1-uboot-g14aeedc-20180601-REL.bin which provided by armbian .

But the board still can not boot using flash-image-bin which i build as espressobin wiki said.

The problem is why their size are very different.

The espressobin-emmcloader-cpu-1000-ddr4-2cs-1g-atf-g39a62a1-uboot-g14aeedc-20180601-REL.bin is only 828732 Byte

But the image which i build flash-image.bin is 4194304Byte. And the mmc boot partition is only 2M .



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Hi jasonz@silicom.co.il,


how did you set up/format your SD card? How exactly did you copy the U-Boot binary on it to make it work? I am struggling with a similar problem, using the Espressobin v5. Also where exactly did you find that image you mentioned (espressobin-emmcloader-cpu-1000-ddr4-2cs-1g-atf-g39a62a1-uboot-g14aeedc-20180601-REL.bin)? I cannot find it.


Best regards,


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