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  1. Hey Guys thanks for your help. It was initially the right way to edit The mistake ansich was PiHole because Pi Hole made the IP always the same IP. I have now uninstalled Pi Hole and lo and behold, everything works now. The IP is now static. That's what it looks like now. [Match] Name = br0 [Network] Address = / 24 Gateway = DNS = # DNS = Thanks for your help :-) Have a nice weekend.
  2. Hello everybody and a nice evening. I have two EspressoBin 1GB at home and try desperately to change the static IP. No matter if in the armbian-config or under /etc/systemd/network/ I just can not get it. Does anyone else have any advice? I've already tried Google and the forum search but any attempt fails that the IP is constantly jumping or that I no longer get a gateway. Armbian is a great distro and nobody has gotten the kernel to work so far. I hope you can help me. Alone a nice evening :-) LG StarSurfer