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OPI0 USB DVB tuner not working with on demand performance govenor

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I am trying to remove a USB DBV-T receiver from the craptop to a less noisy Orange PI Zero (OPI0). I had to compile tvheadend and some modules but when I playback video I noticed that the output stalls (using the Ethernet, not the crappy WiFi).


After checking a lot of things, I noticed that CPU usage was high (because of something else) so I bumped the governor up to performance from on demand.


I stopped everything and retested by switching between ondemand and performance governors every 30 seconds. During the 30 seconds I noticied continuity errors only during the 30 seconds of ondemand.


Is there a problem with the ondemand governor? Is it not ramping up too fast? the DVB needs to process the packets within a specified time to keep up the 10 or so Mbit of USB bandwidth.



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