Expressobin Update Uboot

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Espressobin V7 1G 800MHz DDR4 RAM 1GHz cpu purchased last week.

The board starts up reliably and gets to the boot prompt ok (using minicom).

I downloaded and unpacked Armbian_5.91_Espressobin_Debian_buster_next_4.19.59.img.
Ran shasum and got "Ok".  I dd'd it to a new Samsung SD card, dd'd it back, and ran
shasum again, getting "Ok".

I put the card in the board and powered it up.  It finds the card and tries to boot
but fails, saying:

    Hit any key to stop autoboot:  0
    switch to partitions #0, OK
    mmc0 is current device
    Failed to mount ext2 filesystem...
    ** Unrecognized filesystem type **
    Failed to mount ext2 filesystem...
    ** Unrecognized filesystem type **
    Bad Linux ARM64 Image magic!

I'm guessing that the problem is that I did not update uboot.  I copied
flash-image-ddr4-1g-1cs-1000_800.bin to a FAT formatted USB key, but this:

    Updated u-boot needs new default boot environment and new boot script
    (overwrite the one on your /boot media – needed only if you upgrade from < v5.59).
    This is what you need to copy/paste into u-boot prompt:

is unclear.  This:

    Copy this flash-image-ddr4-1g-1cs-1000_800.bin to your FAT formatted
    USB key, plug it into USB3.0 port and execute from u-boot prompt:
    bubt flash-image-ddr4-1g-1cs-1000_800.bin spi usb

Seems clear enough.  I assume that I am then to paste the list of commands that follows
in at the boot prompt but the part about the "new boot script" is unclear.




I updated uboot and inserted the setenv commands (but ignored the unclear part about the "new boot script").

I'm getting

   U-Boot 2018.03-devel-18.12.3-gc9aa92c-armbian (Feb 20 2019 - 09:45:04 +0100)

so that evidently worked.  However, when it tries to boot from the SD card I get


  Marvell>> run bootcmd_mmc0
  ** Unrecognized filesystem type **
  ## Executing script at 06d00000
  Wrong image format for "source" command
  ** Unrecognized filesystem type **
  ## Executing script at 06d00000
  Wrong image format for "source" command




The SD card is the same one that I used to flash the Uboot update.  Is it necessary to prepare the card

in any way other than to dd the image to it?


[Edit] I loop mounted the image and found that it has an ext4 filesystem with an 8192 block offset.

Used dd to make a copy with no offset.  That copy boots.

John Hasler

Board: Espressobin
Edited by John Hasler
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