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  1. ebin-dev

    Looking for an enclosure for espressobin

    Globalscale is offering plastic and metal housings for the EspressoBin now ( see here ). They do not seem to use thermal coupling to the metal housing (separate heatsinks instead) - but you could implement it yourself with a suitable aluminium spacer.
  2. Please double check if any of your boards is equipped with DDR4 DRAM (not expected). You never know what kind of changes are suddenly introduced by GlobalScale these days ... If there are just DDR3 DRAM chips - then you can safely use the flash-images-18.09 (Macronix SPI is supported).
  3. The first board is a normal 2g-2cs board with Winbond SPI (Board version V5_0_1). You should be able to flash it as described on the EspressoBin download page. Armbian also supports EspressoBins equipped with Macronix SPI - but currently not yet V7_0-2 EspressoBins ! Just have a look at the board version indicated on the PCB. EDIT: board version corrected
  4. ebin-dev

    Update uboot is invalid

    Bingo! It is an 8gb DDR4 chip with 2400 Mbps (see here). All current Armbian flash-images-18.09 are for EspressoBins with DDR3 DRAM only.
  5. ebin-dev

    Update uboot is invalid

    @nasbdh9 It would appear that your 1g-1cs EspressoBin (V7_0-2) is equipped with DDR4 RAM. Could you post an image of the RAM chip ?
  6. ebin-dev

    Update uboot is invalid

    Yes - it was confirmed at least by FoodGenius in the parallel thread (see here - below the EDIT).
  7. ebin-dev

    Update uboot is invalid

    Your u-boot was not provided by Armbian - you can convince yourself by comparing it to the ones in the Archive (yours was compiled on June 1st, in timezone GMT +8 ...). Your EspressoBin is equipped with a Macronix SPI - if you need to rescue it start from here or here.
  8. Along the lines of the summary provided by FoodGenius, recovery with these UART images should work like this: * jumper your board to "UART-Bootmode" * use a terminal and connect to espressobin by usb * you now see the recovery prompt ">" instead of "Marvell>>" so type the command 'wtp' followed by enter. board is now in a mode to receive the temporary bootloader.. so close the terminal. * use the marvell tool to flash the UART recovery images to RAM ./WtpDownload_linux -P UART -C 0 -R 115200 -B TIM_ATF.bin -I wtmi_h.bin -I boot-image_h.bin -E * reset the board.
  9. So it is a system still with two ddr ram chips - and it comes with a huge heat sink :-)) .
  10. New UART images are created with every build (uart-images.tgz). Edit: uart-images-18.09 and sata-images-18.09 with Macronix support are available. EspressoBin should be recovered after './WtpDownload_linux -P UART -C 0 -R 115200 -B TIM_ATF.bin -I wtmi_h.bin -I boot-image_h.bin -E' as described above followed by a reset. Edit: Links adapted to subfolder rescue
  11. ebin-dev

    Recovery from espressobin installation mistakes

    You can try these settings to boot from SD or sata into 4.18.y (at the Marvell>> prompt) - no boot script is used in this case. If you intend to use the boot script you need to adapt /boot/boot.cmd (i.e. if you boot from sd into 4.18.y you should specify 'setenv rootdev "/dev/mmcblk1p1" ' and recompile boot.scr with 'mkimage -C none -A arm -T script -d /boot/boot.cmd /boot/boot.scr' on the command line within your OS)
  12. Have you seen this https://github.com/armbian/build/commit/9c7ce48f2b6cef71080ee6f04cca6f521f98df96 ? Have you tried # cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu1/cpufreq/stats/trans_table ? I do remember that you should have returned your broken board.
  13. "Updated u-boot needs new default boot environment and new boot script (overwrite the one on your /boot media – needed only if you upgrade from < v5.59)". (see the EspressoBin download page)
  14. May be you did a reset while the 17.10 image was still loaded. Anyway - you can now also use the adapted environment settings on the EspressoBin download page (just changed by Igor). Boot priority with the load_script is: 1. USB, 2. SATA, 3. SD card, 4. eMMC
  15. The new 18.09 bootloader flash images are now available through the EspressoBin downoad page. Please remember that it is mandatory to reset the environment settings once the 18.09 image is loaded the first time (Marvell>> env default -a). Then the updated environment settings as shown on the EspressoBin download page should be used.