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Banana Pi running 5.90 random freezes & workaround


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I have read two old threads in this forum:

I have been running this (will post more details if needed) for a few days:


VERSION="18.04.3 LTS (Bionic Beaver)"


Kernel is 4.19.62-sunxi


The BPi would hang/freeze, seemingly randomly within a day or two. When it does that, there is no HDMI video or response to ping.


After reading the first thread, I did stress test on the BPi for more than 2 days. The BPi actually hold up.


So, next I ran "ping -i 30 -D" -- pinging my home gateway every 30 seconds. The BPi has also been up while that is going on. Now its uptime is more than 5 days.


I have no problem keeping this going as a workaround -- just thought it may also be of interest to some one.

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Hi @ww9rivers,


I am still running Kernel 4.11.5 because of random freezes with newer kernels.


On 10/17/2019 at 6:43 AM, ww9rivers said:

The workaround has kept the box up for 11 days now


is your Banana Pi still up and running without freezes? Uptime is 4 weeks now, isn’t it?


How exactly did you issue the ping command so that it kept running after logging out? With nohup or through a cronjob on reboot?


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